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Web Zoner's Punk Pundits Twitter Thread

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So we need to @ mention all the 49ers players and ask them if they've seen that Jason ranked the Bucs ahead of them and let's see if they have anything to say
Good one
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Just did it...let's see what happens
Lol he just called out Alex again, someone needs to mention that there are 52 other players on the roster and a top 5 QB isnt needed to be a good team when you have a top 5 defense, coaching staff, ground attack, and special teams.

But he must have super thin skin, hes responding to any and every tweet... these are all gonna get deleted by the end of the night once the PR department at the NFL network get wind of it. Doubt they are crazy about one of their guys alienating and insulting fans of any team, whether its deserved or not.
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Originally posted by tac22:
So we need to @ mention all the 49ers players and ask them if they've seen that Jason ranked the Bucs ahead of them and let's see if they have anything to say

They would say "who's jason la canfora"?
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tweeted Navorro Bowman and mentioned JLC... will see if there is any response
this guy is a complete jackass

just ask jason LaCanDouche who has played better this season... alex smith or josh freeman
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Originally posted by 9rFan84:
@JasonLaCanfora you make absolutely no sense with your rankings. The 49ers are twice the team in all phases of football than the Bucs are...

@JasonLaCanfora it's cool though, keep hating on the 49ers. How's it feel to know you are half the man @AdamSchefter was for NFLN?

He's not worthy he coudnt hold Adem Shefter's Pen-strap
I stopped following this bag of dog s**t after the whole Harbaugh thing. This f**k stick is wrong so many times about things. I hate him and his stupid fat face

i tweeted him like 5 times LOL i let him have it, just the mere fact he is responding shows were getting in his head LMAO what a 3 year old child
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Originally posted by 5280High:
I used "degree of objectivity" and chose those words rather than saying purely objective. He holds himself out to be a reporter, whether you think he is or isnt that what he is portraying himself to be and why he cant hold Schefters jock strap.

And its pretty easy to say he's wrong, without even taking fanhood into account... Quality wins, strength of schedule, the teams actually playing head to head, on a pure analytical basis there is no argument for them to be considered above the niners in any ranking. Thats how you back up an opinion, not saying Im still skeptical about Alex, and Freeman is better. Great so what? even if records and stats say his statement is full of sh*t, he is still ignoring 21 other players on the offense and defense that have an effect on the outcome of the game.

So yeah, while his power ranking are his opinion, my opinion is that he is full of sh*t... the difference is there is actually a basis for my opinion.

He's hired for his opinion period even if it's a crappy one, whether or not you agree with him, whether or not he backs up his argument using the criteria you use to make predictions, none of that ultimately matters. All this is is his made up power rankings so if it really upsets you just find someone elses power rankings, it's no different than someone having a "hunch"(as he called it) that certain players in fantasy will end up being the best players any given week or any given season.

Quality of wins, strength of schedule, the fact that our division is easier, none of that guarantees that we end up finishing this season any better than the Bucs. It's a bit cliche but anyone in this league can win any given week. Otherwise you could just use that criteria to win millions of dollars betting in vegas lol.

and quarterback is kind of an important position, if he thinks smith can't keep it up while freeman can up his game, then that's his opinion. You can't always just look at stats from the past to suggest that those trends will continue.
Tell him he couldn't hold Schefter's jockstrap. That ought to piss him off lol.
The one thing he said that made some sense is that the Bucs are further along in their rebuild. That was certainly the conventional wisdom coming into this season. People would look at their roster and look at ours, and in TB they would see a playoff team and in SF not so much.

Now, the early returns this season have convinced 95% of people that the 49ers are for real. We have more talented than given credit for and coaching has made a huge difference. I think ranking us below the Bucs is pretty indefensible, but in his defense I will say that being stubbornly skeptical is slightly different than being wholly irrational/illogical. Also, the Bucs just beat a team that--though we haven't played them--most people would have put in the upper echelon. In a way, it's a more "quality" win than toppling the Lions.

Admit it, even we have a hard time believing 49ers are "for real" so suddenly.
I'm surprised he still has a job with how many fans openly dislike him..

seriously, google it....EVERYONE hates him, lol.
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