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Harbaugh Handshake with Jim Schwartz

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i wonder what pete carrol was thinking as he watched that happen....
Harbaugh is bringing a swagger to this team! I love it!!
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Originally posted by jdc49:
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:

forever alone, 5-1 bby

That's Troll Face but whatever. It's funny.
Schwartz is crybaby. He lost and he's feeling some kind of way about it. Harbaugh did shake his hand kind of hard, but I don't think it was intended to be disrespectful in any way. He PATTED not pushed Schwartz on the back, and that was that. Detroit is just a little emotional because they got their balloon popped.
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I guess Harbaugh has Schwagger!
Originally posted by gold49digger:
i wonder what pete carrol was thinking as he watched that happen....

He probably wanted to call Schwartz and say....." I know how you feel, hold me."

Schwartz was just being a poor sport. Harbaugh may have had an "aggressive handshake" and pat on the back, but it was nothing more than that. Schwartz obviously had more to say, but Harbaugh was looking for other players, and he felt little...

I can't believe the sports world is not talking about how Schwartz was out of line

Jim Schwartz is an absolute p***y lmfao... all he does is fist pump and he can't take a little back? STFU
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Originally posted by jimrat201:

I'm at work can can't listen to this, can someone tell me what he says?
too bad the lions wont play the ravens this year it would be funny to see what john does to schwarrtz harbaugh reminds me of lil bit of gruden with his face expressions

and the way he acts i expect a fine from the nfl for schwartz what do u expect from a former nfl player turned coach harbaugh wants to be one of the guys still jumping

up and down celebrating thats how he relates to his players schwartz just was acting like p''''''sy because his players lost a game and he couldnt take a hard hand shake
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lol you gotta love seahawk fans chiming in...
Glad Schwartz got put in his place. He's a smug ass.
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