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Can we trade for Gerhart?

He's wasting away in Minni, and wouldn't be extremely expensive. We seem to have no faith in Dixon
Hes wasting away in Minni because he isnt very good.
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well since this will be quickly:

He was a terrible congressman so why would they want him?
Don't want, lol

if he can be had for cheap next offseason i wouldn't mind that one bit
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White RBs suck!
I believe that Harbaalke has every player in the league on their "board". If Harbaugh wanted a player then Baalke would see if he wanted to go get this player and see what it would cost and then if they both liked it Harbaugh would get his man. So if Harbaalke wants Toby Gehart it will be done, if not they will wait until the draft and get a Toby look alike.

Not a bad idea I wouldn't mind him as a 3rd RB he's a good goalie back

And btw he is only wasting away because Peterson is right in front of him on depth chart
What about a 2013 7th rd pick
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
White RBs suck!

not if they have black guy names
Originally posted by Hacksaw:
What about a 2013 7th rd pick

Originally posted by HessianDud:
not if they have black guy names

Or dreads.
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