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Why doesnt Patrick Willis make any big plays?

He has not made highlight reel plays this season, but.......he's made a bunch in the past. Sacks, forced fumbles, interceptions, etc! Willis is awesome and the Niners are lucky to have him! All 32 teams in the league would want him on their teams!
#1 Patrick willis is not a great pass defender. He is solid but he is not great.

#2 The man is just a money tackler. If its 3rd down and its a passing down, Patrick usually isn't sent on a blitz in case the the QB dumps it off to a back or throws it to a slot receiver over the middle. QB's rely on slot receivers and RBs to make a couple people miss and run for the 1st. Patrick lets them catch it but they go down instantly. The Turnovers he forces are usually punts.

#3 He does have 1 FF so far this year...on pace for 4 FF
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Singletary fault
Pro-bowler every year? Just not enough....
I believe the 49ers haven't let a running back have a 100 yards of rushing in 26 straight games. I believe that is a record. Hmmm I wonder who is stopping them.
Willis is playing just fine our d as a whole is playing grear! Bring on the bucks goniners
He's saving em all for the Super Bowl.
He's surrounded by more playmakers than he ever has been in the past. Plus, he makes all the plays he's supposed to make. Very disciplined, very instinctive, and seldom misses a tackle or blows his assignment.

When was P Dub labeled "The Human Highlight Reel" anyways?
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Originally posted by mickey49:
Sometimes I think it's more perception than anything else. Willis gets a lot of tackles for loss or tackles for no gain. Not exactly highlight material, so the average viewer probably thinks, "Man, I havent heard Willis' name all game. He's not making any plays," when in reality he's the most fundamentally sound backer in the game. He's not interested in highlights, just wrapping up the ball-carrier on first contact. He very rarely goes for the "big hit" that gets people's attention...

I know that just because his name isnt called doesnt mean he isnt doing a good job. Just he doesnt make BIG plays. He is great, consistent and all that other stuff we hear all the time. Just NO BIG plays.

And this thread has nothing to do with Bowman.
Theres a reason why every time michael Vick scrambled last week it was to bowmans side. He'd rather try his luck beating bowman than Willis, like most teams

this is outrageous... Talking about Patrick Willis not making big plays... wow
THIS IS THE WORST THREAD EVER. and yes i meant to use caps......
he is making plays. like mentioned earlier, its the way other teams gameplan around him. He is playing within the system and making the plays that he's supposed to. Sure it'd be awesome if he caused a fumble everytime he hit someone, but thats not realistic. The guy is a beast, and i'm also loving having Bowman in there with him. Fastest ILB's in the league.
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Ill take Willis not making plays than any other MLB in the game that makes plays.

Willis' visor and 52 on his chest makes plays before the ball is even snapped.
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