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eagles game could redeem or end gores career

the eagles have a good defense but they have a mediocre run D. If gore cant get going, its time for hunter and dixon to start getting in more
more hunter than Dixon. Big Game Hunter runs much tougher than Boobie Dix, IMO
I'd rather start with Hunter and once the D is worn down give Gore cleanup duty.
end his career? LOL.... come on bro... he will start getting phased out no matter what. Because of his deterioration and Hunter's play.
"Sky is falling" post, IMO.

Something needs to change with Frank Gore and the rushing offense, but I think it's too premature to say that Frank's career is over. I think though, defenses have really figured out Gore and his running style. He also only brings the inside running to the table, so they can really key in on the style and the types of plays. More Kendall Hunter is needed, I think.
Originally posted by 5280High:
I'd rather start with Hunter and once the D is worn down give Gore cleanup duty.

Yeah he usually gets more of his big runs later in games
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How about we jsut get our OLINE playing like they should. That would be the best solution to get the running game going. In fact that would get the whole team going.
dude! let the man be 100% and get his awareness back! remember he had a broken hip... people cant walk after that and u expect this dude too be full speed in 2/3 games. hang on!!!
Redeem his career?! wow

Michael Vick broke his hand. Good for Niners
Originally posted by Canadian49er:

i'd smash
Big break for NIners. Mike Kafka could start. Vick may by out with a broken hand.
This is the part of NFL that is unrelenting. What have done lately. Frank exemplify the 49ers. But he has to proved that he's better then his competition in Hunter. And Hunter is a hell of a competition so far. Good luck Frank. Sincerely.
Start Hunter, let Gore clean up and play short,short 3rd downs.
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