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Where are the holes on this team?

I would say secondary.
In terms of a drafting, assuming no studs at a random position fall into our laps...

1) Secondary - with 3 & 4 WR sets taking over the NFL, good teams need quality and depth across the entire secondary
2) See above
3) OLB - Not sold on Parys being anything more than average this year, Brooks is good and can play inside in a pinch, but some young blood at this position opposite of Aldon would be nice
4) WR - Crabtree is looking like the classic player who can never stay healthy. Braylon stays in SF, Williams might emerge as a slot guy, but an upgrade is definitly needed over Morgan and Ginn.
5) OL - interior depth is needed, and there is allot of value in terms of lineman in later rounds
6) RB/FB/H-back - Taking a page from GB with versatility, they have a couple players that line up at HB/FB/TE depending on the play... can never have enough of these types of players in a WCO.
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