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Who is going to win? Plain and simple

Who is going to win? Plain and simple

Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by Bluefalcon61:
We win close or we lose big.

Thanks for going out on a limb there.

Really, it's not a bad point. We either tend to get blown out by stronger teams or our D drags them down to our lousy level and we occasionally pull one off.
Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Niners!!!! Shocker! They will be asking what happened to the Cowboys 0-2 losing to the lowly Niners.

IF it happens, the Niners will barely be mentioned. The record of 0-2 for the Cowboys is what will get attention along with their "tough" and "unlucky" season so far with injuries. Tony Romo will be in the spot light of choker QB who can't come through.

But the Niners...we...we will just be "a team Dallas has lost to so far" and be dismissed as it was more of DAL unluck/Romo's crap play than being beaten by a team who could be coming up.

It would be GREAT if they ignored the Niners if we win. It will make the Niners less satisfied from the win and want to dominate even more the next week. This was our problem in the past: too much "we have arrived" after just one win only to lose 2 or 3 in a row after.
QB: Cowboys >> 9ers - The only reason why it's not 3 >'s isn't because Romo throws a lot of picks (he doesn't), but he chooses to throw them at the worst possible times and I feel good about Alex's decision making - just my opinion so Alex haters don't flame.

HB: 9ers > Cowboys - Not only the obvious that Gore > Cowboys backfield, but Hunter looks like a stud.

WR: 9ers = Cowboys - We are deep at WR and with Bryant and Crabs banged up and questionable (mainly Bryant) that neutralizes them and while Miles is probably slightly better than Edwards, they don't have the Morgan + Ginn combo at the slot and 4WR spot.

OL: Cowboys >> 9ers - While the Cowboys' line has been under scrutiny lately, they have nothing against our worthless collection of fat guys - even the guys we though were dependable, like Iupati and Staley, have been disappointing in week 1 and the preseason - if it hadn't been for a ultra conservative game plan and Alex doing a decent job of avoiding the rush and getting the ball out - things would have looked much worse for this group.

TE: 9ers = Cowboys - Sure hands of Witten VS the big play ability of Davis, I think Davis's blocking makes him superior but Witten is a 1st down machine.

RunD: 9ers > Cowboys - We are big and athletic on the line and our LB core is the most athletic in the league

PassRush: Cowboys >> 9ers - D.Ware...

PassCoverage: 9ers = Cowboys - I can hear the ill-informed doubters now... Well if you haven't done your homework, then shut up! Major injuries to the Cowboys secondary give us the edge this week.

ST: 9ers >> Cowboys - Andy Lee, David Akers, Ted Ginn - 'nuf said.

After all that, the Coyboys look to be the victors on paper, but on the field I got a weird feeling that the 9ers f*ck around and end up 2-0.
We have been pretty competitive at home for the past several seasons. The Cowboys are banged up and inexperienced at O-line and in the Secondary. Our defensive front 7 is very good and I fully expect them to win the battle up front. I don't think they can run the ball on us, and we can force them to be one-dimensional.

I do think Romo is going to throw for close to 300 yards and a couple TD's. However, Fangio won't play it conservative and he will go after Romo. Gone are the days of the bend but don't break defense. We don't play a lot of zone or off-man coverage anymore. Fangio is going to send pressure at Romo, and the 49ers secondary must hold up in man-coverage, sticking to the hip of the receivers. Romo is going to give the defense a couple of opportunities to make a play on the ball, and they must take advantage of it by forcing a couple turnovers.

On the flip side the 49ers O-line is still a question mark, and the Cowboys front 7 is very strong. We need to take advantage of their holes in the secondary and threaten to throw the ball downfield occasionally. Even if we don't connect on those throws consistently, at least they know they have to account for it. To do this, it is of the utmost importance that we establish the run. The 49ers cannot afford to be put in many 3rd & long situations. Alex is not good enough to bail us out in those situations, but on 3rd & manageable he can be very effective. The Cowboys like to use Demarcus Ware on both the left and right sides, and he will absolutely abuse Staley & A. Davis if he is allowed to just pin his ears back and go wild on obvious passing downs. A solid running game, many 3-step drops, and the occasional deep throws via 5-7 step drop/play-action will win this football game.
Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by Joecool:
You guys are going to be so pissed after Sunday. Keep the expectations low fellas. We have no other reason to believe otherwise.

Unless he does it 3 straight games, Alex Smith is still Alex Smith. He has done NOTHING to make us think the passing game can carry this team.


Its hard to win games in the NFL if your QB cant throw TD passes, especially against teams with good offenses.

I'm okay with him running 3 of them in.
Cowboys win, I don't think the Niners are ready yet. This happens every year, everyone gets excited about a game and then the team lays a giant egg. I like Harbaugh but he will need time to turn things around.
Originally posted by Loco49er:
Cowboys win, I don't think the Niners are ready yet. This happens every year, everyone gets excited about a game and then the team lays a giant egg. I like Harbaugh but he will need time to turn things around.

You're crazy...LOL
I think the 9ers D could make some plays... and they'll certainly need the run game to be more effective than last week to have a hope. I can't see this 9ers team scoring more than 30 points this week... and Dallas routinely scores lots of points. If the 9ers win the turnover battle, and Gore rushes for more than 100yds they'll win... but that's not what you are asking:

Unfortunately - DALLAS.

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Originally posted by LionHeartofGold:
I was shocked to see the poll overwhelmingly in favor of a win. I love the optimism and I want us to win, but what I want does not equate to what ends up happening. If I'm wrong, I'll love to be wrong, but I don't believe Alex is going to sustain drives and throw TDs, especially against a better team than Seattle. We may be able to hold off the cowgirls offense for some time and keep it close, but every team, poor or elite, always gains momentum at some point during the game and gets hot. Teh cowgirls are going to get hot and we won't be able to catch up. As we've seen in the past, our defense cannot do it alone for the entire game. It hurts to see Cam Newton as one of the top NFL QBs with the most passing yards. We need passing yards to have any hope.

Lol what do you expect? It's a 49ers website
Originally posted by dwy621:
You're crazy...LOL

Originally posted by dwy621:
Originally posted by Loco49er:
Cowboys win, I don't think the Niners are ready yet. This happens every year, everyone gets excited about a game and then the team lays a giant egg. I like Harbaugh but he will need time to turn things around.

You're crazy...LOL

Crazy por vida! I'm just tired of getting my hopes up. Go Niners!

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Originally posted by susweel:
Cowboys win 34-16

plus 7 sacks for the cryboys
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Not normally one for over reacting but sunday is my superbowl. I have nothing but contempt for the Dallas Cowboys and love my 9ers just that little bit more whenever we play the Star!!
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Niners straight up win!
My $0.50 ......

So it all comes down to game plan. The 49ers can't be scared to throw the ball deep and often. They have to take shots within their first possession. They have to give Ginn and Davis a chance to run straight down the field and throw the ball without having Alex hold the ball too long for a sack. They have to have a smart consistent passing game with some unexpected runs. Roll-outs (away from Ware) and other smart plays. Smith CANNOT be allow to audible out of every passing play he might think is too risky or this will get ugly very fast. On defense, just target the rookies and blitz them like crazy. Don't give Romo time - force him to make errors. It's possible to win this but we can't play a defensive run-first game like we did against a hobbled Seahawks team.

That won't work.
Man I want so badly to win this game ....... but I still have fresh visions in my head of the New Orleans game and the OL maybe having similar problems ....... then we won't get to exploit Dallas's banged up DB's , damn it. I want to be wrong here soooooooo baaaaaadly.
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