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you call niners first offensive play

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Sad but true is that a lot of the suggestions here are what actually happened in years previous.
Ginn takes the punt back to the 50, Fake to the fullback, gore in the flat, vern on a slant, quick pump to vd, back to gore, curry gets gored at the 45, 40, 35 earl thomas gets crushed by morgan, 30, 25, they follow but cant reach 20, 15, I spill my beer, 10, 5, touchdown woooooo!!! and 15 points in FF, double woooo!!!!!!
Whatever it long as it isnt a skied snap over Smiths head for a safety.....sound familiar?.....
If they stack the box then a quick hitch to either Davis or Ginn. If not, off tackle on the left side to Gore.
Garrard - handoff to Gore
Originally posted by Bluefalcon61:
Garrard - handoff to Gore

Originally posted by Bluefalcon61:
Garrard - handoff to Gore

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Play action to Gore, Hit Edwards deep!
Slant to Edwards...8 yards.

designed plays to grab real estate!
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it'll be a "calm the nerves play" so either a dive play to gore, or a short pass for a minimal gain.
The Annexation of Puerto Rico

or this variation

Or, probably an off-tackle run to the left.

Too much sugar in the tank.
Originally posted by WRATHman44:
The big guy from Harry Potter?

Originally posted by Muggins879:
Not enough sugar in the tank!

Originally posted by unst4bl3:
damn you just reminded me of how hagrid this bish is, especially in HD.
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Hey diddle diddle Gore up the middle
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