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you call niners first offensive play

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Roll out to the right, throw out of bounds.

This times 1000! It's Alice's bread and butter play! It's been getting him paid since 2005. Why stop now?

Wow, thanks for explaining the joke. I'm pretty sure no one else got it.

play action to gore deep ball to vd or ginn
Originally posted by mickey49:
Alex Smith pass batted at the line of scrimmage, picked off by Seattle......

Originally posted by Pfield9er:
play action to gore deep ball to vd or ginn

Go back to page 3....
Crossing pattern, hits 2nd option Ted Ginn for a 8 yd pickup.
run up the middle.... just sayin
play action pass to morgan for nine yards on the side line!
Play action to Gore up the middle for 7 yd gain.
Originally posted by WRATHman44:

What joke? Sadly this scenario has a strong chance of playing out.
Jimmy raye flea flicker

Taser for -8 yards
Originally posted by valrod33:
Jimmy raye flea flicker

You must mean a bootleg.
play action pass to Braylon Edwards for a 80 yard touchdown!
Z-slant left, on 2, ready.....BREAK!
BLACK 59 RAZOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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