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Is RB Anthony Dixon on the hot seat?

Is RB Anthony Dixon on the hot seat?

JH is not as patient or understanding as Dingleberry, just ask Chilo! Pick it up Dixon, if you don't perform we need you roster spot for someone who will!
I say no cause most teams keep 3 RB's
I say no cause most teams keep 3 RB's
i tell you what. dixon needs to get in his playbook and stop spitting flows on twitter. if a 70-80% Frank Gore is more valuable than Dixon at 100%, i would go so far as to say that speaks volumes about Dixon's development, or lack thereof, as an NFL back. i dont question his heart, but i do have concerns about his focus, his preparation, and his attention to detail. Can he be a factor back in the NFL? It remains to be seen. Is he well-versed in his pass protection assignments? Can he be utilized in the passing game? Is he using his size effectively when carrying the ball? How well does he hit the hole?

Considering a 5' 7'' 199 lb. rookie snatched the #2 spot from an over-confident, under-achieving 2nd year player, its plain to see that Dixon isnt a reliable option off of the bench. Whether or not his weaknesses are apparent to the fans and media, the coaches have seemingly pin-pointed every flaw to Dixon's game. With the news breaking that we worked out 3 RB's this week for the practice squad, one would be inclined to think, due to Dixon's lack of involvement on gamedays, that his job is in question and possibly in jeopardy. JH has been quoted multiple times saying, "we will explore any and every option to make this team better." Say no more JH, say no more.
I doubt it. I bet they leave his ass in the 3 hole in case they need him. Hope they dont cuz Frank and Hunter is nice
there's no issue at our rb position. Dixon is not as good as Gore & Hunter, but I dont think we should throw him under the bus. He hasn't really had any opportunities in game because our other 2 rbs are playing so well. Not too many teams have a 2 headed monster. Let Dixon stay healthy on the bench until we need him, and then talk smack.
Dixon has a lot of skill, but he is a big back that dances to much. Those kind of running back get chances in the NFL but never last.
I really liked Dixon until we got Hunter, and yes, Dixon is on hot seat. Dixon has the power, but speed is more essential to us, especially if you have the moves to go with it ,and Hunter does.
MaioccoCSN: RT @Boobie24Dixon: Pressure Presents Opportunity, I accept all challenges Lord! > Earlier, 49ers worked out 3 RBs, none eligible for P-squad.
What is up with all the Dixon Hate? Since when was he demoted from starting running back to earn all this critisism, ease up on the dude. He has never had enough carries in the real season to warrant anyfair critique. Dixon's a good special teams guy, from the sound of Harbaugh's own words a good locker room "cheerleader". All of our RB's are solid, Dixon included and I don't know where the perception that he's on the hot seat, maybe I missed a quote I don't know.

MBachCSN: #49ers worked out 3 RBs this week Harbaugh says he's just getting the lay of the land: "being prepared before we have to be."
Thanks, Tules, and that is not an endorsement of Dixon. Seat just got hotter. Hey, I like miller for our big back, and he doesn't have stone hands either, nor is he afraid to block.
MaioccoCSN: Source: 49ers worked out RBs Dimitri Nance (Arizona State), Jalen Permele (Toledo) and Tyrell Sutton (Northwestern).
Dixon can become a great back if he learns to make a single cut and go verticle. He's not built like Hunter, but he tries to run like him.
Originally posted by hungarian9erfan:
Originally posted by FILTHpigskin:
Originally posted by hungarian9erfan:
according to Maiocco Dixon might be cut today or this week

No he didn't... he never said that.

I call BS.

he speculated on Twitter and on his article because we tried out 3 rbs.
I can't paste the link from mobile.

check it.

I checked it, along with others. You are wrong. You are speculating. The word "cut" and "Dixon" are never said in the same sentence. The word "cut" is not even mentioned period.

What a joke.
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