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Let me add to your despise of York. So John York is going around handing out his pins 2 hours before kick off against the Saints and he said we can come on the field and take a pic with him. As we are going back to our seats, my uncle said "see you here next week"
York confused said "you mean in GB" we had to literally explain to him the scenario in which it would allow the niners to have another home playoff game.

Moral of the story, York literally knows nothing about football
He knows what he needs to know; stay out of the way of Baalke/Harbaugh! Good enough for me.

John York isn't even the braintrust behind the business anymore, his son is. -John is really just an lost old guy wandering around the stadium with pins, and feeds the birds in the parking lot during game time; lends his son about a 100 million a year to have fun with.

LOL... love this comment..