There are 146 users in the forums has 49ers last in NFC West

Kind of harsh but it might be true.

NFC West
This division is wide open and presumably won't take much to win – so why not the Rams? New offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has legitimate building blocks with quarterback Sam Bradford and running back Steven Jackson. They're still thin at wide receiver and need to get better on defense. But it won't take much improvement to grab hold of this division.
The Seahawks unloaded quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and linebacker Lofa Tatupu. Now they're betting big that there's more to Tarvaris Jackson's game than the quarterback showed in Minnesota. Hmm ...
In Arizona, new quarterback Kevin Kolb and wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald form the foundation for what could be a decent offense. But last season's unimpressive defense must improve – and do so without Rodgers-Cromartie, the price paid to pry Kolb away from Philadelphia.
Things could be rough in the short term for the 49ers, as Jim Harbaugh must adjust to life as an NFL head coach without the benefits of an organized offseason program during the lockout. And, um, Alex Smith is his quarterback. A healthy Frank Gore would help greatly on offense, and wide receiver Michael Crabtree could benefit if Harbaugh's West Coast offense takes root. Linebacker Patrick Willis must carry the defense.
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I have them in third place.
Originally posted by susweel:
I have them in third place.

I can dig it. Hope for a magical season though like always. lol

I agree, I have us finishing last as well. We finish 6-10 if we are lucky the way our OLine performed thus far this preseason.
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I agree with them. The West will be much more improved this year I predict
Yeah almost everyone had us in first lastyear. We know how that turned out

Originally posted by backontop:
I agree, I have us finishing last as well. We finish 6-10 if we are lucky the way our OLine performed thus far this preseason.

Yeah they looks terrible. We need to get our pass rush going on defense. Matt Shlobb was cutting his nails and throwing the ball in the pocket. The secondary was s**tty and out of place.
I think the Rams and Cards, as much as I hate to admit it, are significantly better than both the 9ers and Seahawks. It's all about having a good passing attack. And in that respect, the Rams are Cards are years ahead of the 9ers and Seahawks.
Originally posted by susweel:
I have them in third place.
I see them there to unless they prove something to me. But the homer in me will say 2nd.
I agree third in the division seems more realistic right now , but the homer in me always escapes out during this time of the year , we finish the second half of the season strong and come in second or like the Giants the year B4 in our own NFC WEST. I will start the

I wouldn't count the 49ers out. The niners competition are still the NFC West teams. If the Giants, Packers, Eagles or many other decent teams out there were in the same division then I might feel differently.

8-8 or 9-7 can win this division again. I don't see any NFC West team running away from the pack. 3-4 games will separate first from last this year.

The niners defense is going to be solid this year. This is an advantage I see over the rest of the NFC West.
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"Why not the Rams" is not a very strong argument.
I agree 100%. But they don't know the real reason. It's our O Line. The worst I've ever seen. It would be a miracle to win a few games with this.
well if our preseason play continues into the regular season it will be tough.

But I do not expect that, I expect that they will become sigificantly better.

We could see a repeat of last year a hot n' cold type of play especially form the offence.
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