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If someone offers a decent deal for Frank Gore, TAKE IT!

If it would be a good trade would, I would take it
F'n Panthers!!! And it doesn't help that Frank has one of the slimiest agents around. Rosenhaus is a prick. I hope we get Frank on a three year deal. Fair for both sides.

we are not trading frank gore

Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
LOL at the idea of Dixon being our #1 back. He dances around like Barlow

Dixon and Hunter -- guess I should have said Hunter-Dixon.
Originally posted by nickbradley:
I love Frank the Tank, but I would take a trade deal that gave us a 3rd or better if the offer came. Dixon-Hunter looks like a powerful 1-2 punch and Hunter could be a star in the making. And of the four teams that would be dying to bring on Gore and get 2 - 3 years out of him -- the Packers, Chargers, Colts, and Redskins -- 3 of them are almost a lock for the playoffs and have a shot at the Super Bowl. Gore in a Packers uniform would almost make them a lock to win the NFC.

I'd rather trade you for someone on 49ersparadise.

If we got a Herschel Walker deal, yes
It's really pointless to talk about it.

It only makes sense for the 49ers if its a 1st or 2nd round pick and no team in the NFL will hand over a 1st or 2nd for an injury prone 28 year old RB. Won't happen.

RBs have bee GREATLY devalued lately and there is a perception that they are a dime a dozen. Frank also will never see the DeAngelo Williams money he is looking for unless the 49ers give him something close. No other team will give him that money at his age and with his injury history (an injury history that goes all the way back to college).

Anyone who wants the 49ers to trade him has to ask themselves if they want the trade to take place for a 5th or 6th round pick. Thats what they would be offered.
Originally posted by wysiwyg:
If we got a Herschel Walker deal, yes

Will NEVER happen again. Viking were INSANE. NO PLAYER is worth that many picks.
Originally posted by BrianGO:
A THIRD? That is far too low. A first rounder, and that is it.
Frank is a GREAT running back right NOW. This isn't Taylor Mays we're talking about. This isn't some guy with potential.

Frank Gore is a GREAT football player. Not "average" or "over the hill". He is tough as hell, and will be very good for at least 4 more years. You don't DIE when you hit 30. Just ask Jerry Rice.

If you look at his production over the last few years he is "over the hill". And he and his agent know this too which is why he's trying to get one last big payday. He might be only 28 but his legs are 30-32. And the shelf life of RBs and WRs are completely different.......

i want the Bengels first round pick.

Not sure how, but get er done Baalke!

Maybe we will get Lucky....
only for a first round pick
Smiths sack numbers would go up if there was any other RB in the back field other than Gore.
Originally posted by sincalfaithful:
LOL at the idea of Dixon being our #1 back. He dances around like Barlow

hahha I agree the kid just need to hit the hole. Stick your foot and go. Gore traded this cracks me up, i want 2 first rounders before i'd let are best player on offense go. If he was on a better team he would have cracked 2000 yards already. You don't let a great player go, unless were getting a H walker Trade I won't allow this to happen!
Uhhh no! Why is everyone calling to trade Frank Gore? He is still an elite RB in the league. You don't trade away a RB of Frank Gore's caliber because of 1 preseason game.
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