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One thing I have never understood

I think the Niners will be fine with Soap and RJF.
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After last night, why should any Niner fan be worried about the defense? They played the Saints first team straight up with no tricks and soundly beat them. And, they did it without a few of their starters. I'm very excited about Aldon Smith and he obviously makes Ahmad Brooks better. The Saints defensive coordinator, on the other hand, should be ashamed of himself. Can't he beat an offense with just a week's worth of practice without resorting to tricks nobody EVER does in the preseason? If the Saints defense was so damn good, why didn't they just play our first string offense straight up? By most peoples' estimates, the Saints offense got the most practicing done of any team during the lockdown. They should have been very ready to go. The Niners defense shut them down convincingly with a vanilla colored scheme and no tricks.
One thing you've never understood is why we didnt make a play or Broderick Bunkley? Um, ok.
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Fans are judging guys who played in an awful system, some of them for years. We are going to find that some of these guys were severely handicapped by that and will surprise us when they get coached up and put into positions where they can succeed. Some won't, of course, but at least they will get a chance to succeed.

Yeah man I am with you, I bet we see better play across the board this year, being a former player (in high school) we went from having an amateur coach to someone that knew what they were doing, it was night and day.

Had the same experience in HS and the new coach had total buy in because he was always positive and encouraging, even when critiquing. Went from door mats to league champions and I would put most of the credit with the new coach. Harbaugh reminds of this guy and I would think he will get the most out of the team.

Those players needing to be replaced will make themselves known and as soon as they can they will find a better replacement. This is a better way of going than wholesale cuts and then looking for replacement. Our new HS coach had two players tell him they were starters--wouldn't be backups. He thanked them for their hard work and wished them well at their new school. Set the tone right away...don't be a whiner! I see the Goldson and Gore holdouts as this type of hardnosed attitude, though Gore is anything but a whiner!
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Sopoaga should be fine as our NT...he didn't play last night, so RJF had to carry the load. Actually, Soap being out will help RJF's development. I think Ian Williams could develop nicely...he could make the team unless they sign a vet DL. Franklin obviously wanted a big contract and didn't get one, signing w/NO for just one year. Instead of crying over spilled milk, Harbaugh/Fangio have to go with what they've got. It's an opportunity for Ice to emerge as a NT...he's a much more mature player now than the last time he played the position. The younger depth will simply need to step up their games...
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