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didn't lose lol
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Omg people really need to get a clue. The Bills do it all the time, they throw their quicker qb in on certain 3rd down plays depending on distance. I saw a ton of people asking this ridiculous question.
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Originally posted by HessianDud:
the toss to Hunter on the scramble was the turning point, IMO.

I thought had Hunter ran to the right, he'd have a TD.
Eagles problem is their run defense. Period. They are turrible at stopping the run. That's what they get for having an OL coach as their DC.
Originally posted by valrod33:
The 49ers had a package of wildcat plays for him this game.

yeah, this is what I figured. just thought it was a wrinkle they were throwing in to try and trip up the D. didn't work so well though.
Originally posted by Kolohe:
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
its called a wildcat offense

......which sucks!!!


I cringe everytime I see us lined up in that formation lol
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Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Originally posted by truekingcarlos:
It was a safety blitz. Morgan was the open man. Smith read it beautifully. Touchdown.

I thought one of the knocks on Smith is that he has trouble reading defenses...well that's what the NFL Network guys said last week.

Prolly Sapp Or Dukes, they tend to emphasize that alot. Means nothing coming from the source.
I was thinking they were going to do a little QB option.
Who gives a $hit! Can you answer the question genius
Originally posted by Bryant4everYoung:
Prolly Sapp Or Dukes, they tend to emphasize that alot. Means nothing coming from the source.

He probably does at times and likes to check down but given the time he can be as a good QB. It's hard reading defenses when you are getting pulled down on your back drop.
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I'm gonna say Justin Smith for causing the fumble that pretty much iced the game at that point
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Great Postgame video!!!
Alex Smith and it's not even close
I think player of the game is Alex, but play of the game, by far, goes to Justin. Hell of an effort. Eagles were being careless with the ball all day. Justin capitalized on it. Great play!
so many players had huge plays that led to this win, but its gotta be Smith. He was flawless in the 3rd quarter--absolutely perfect--and brought us back into the game. A mistake, even a punt, at any point there could have ended the game. He put the team on his back and delivered.
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