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Originally posted by Kalen49ers:
We gotta get turnovers, run the ball well. Make the big plays when we need them most. This game we can win, won't be easy by any stretch of the imagination. Hope Vick aint playing

Agree. Can't wait for this Sunday
no chance in hell winning on sunday

49ers 17
Eagles 37
Vick day to day now with BRUISED right hand.
Hey guys long time follower, first time poster diehard niner fan in Wisconsin! With that said we gotta play better on our oline, rachal has to be benched. We need to run against that philly defense I think there front seven isn't anything great! I'm excited I think we can pull this out! I can almost smell 3-1!!
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Looking forward to this game. The Eagles are an average team, with or without Vick. We have the best front 7 in football. They've given up nearly 80 points in three games and their offense has, at times, been worse than ours.

Their defense is all d-line and nothing else. Nnamdi gets his hips flipped more than anybody. Victor Cruz anybody?

Point is, don't fall for the Eagles hype. They've done nothing.
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
no chance in hell winning on sunday

49ers 17
Eagles 37

No chance? :/
It's quite possible our run blocking is struggling because of the fact that they are transitioning to a new zone blocking scheme, which is commonly used in the WCO. If there is a perfect time for this OL to pick it's s**t up in the run game, its this week vs a very weak Eagles RunD. If we can't run the ball against them, the game will be over right away because their pass rush will destroy Smith.
we need this win pretty bad. we need to get as many wins as we can in the begining of this season because if you look at our last 4 games.. 3 or them are division games and on the road. we play pittsburgh on a monday then a division team the following saturday.. so super short week plus traveling. then the next week is away too.
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
Originally posted by valrod33:
Watch the screen pass. PLEASE watch the screen pass

i was yelling at the t.v. to please give kendall hunter at least one screen pass on sunday, never happened. i think that would be his biggest strength.

Indeed. If we can prevent long gains on screens and the deep pass to D. Jackson, we should be in this thing at the end. Ye can bet yer arse that Harbaugh and staff will have our offensive line jacked and ready to take advantage of that poorly-ranked running defense... Hunt 'em down and Gore 'em...
49ers playing the Eagles... that's always a guaranteed loss for the 49ers.

Ohh well, if we win the next two after this game we will still be looking good.

It might be wrong to infer from less than 25% of the season, but here are some numbers related to LOS play

Eagles O vs. 49ers D
Eagles yards gained per carry: 5.4 (4th)
49ers yards allowed per carry: 2.9 (1st)

The proverbial irresistible force vs immovable object match up. Our run D must remain stout for any serious chance.

Eagles sacks allowed: 5 (7th)
49ers sacks: 7 (15th)

We need to harass Vick and contain him from breaking the pocket. The speed of Willis and Bowman will help a lot. With five of our seven sacks coming against Seattle we'll find out legit our pass rush is in the next few games.

Eagles D vs. 49ers O
49ers yards gained per carry: 2.5 (30th)
Eagles yards allowed per carry: 4.9 (29th)

We have one of the worst offenses in the league and the numbers make it clear. But this match up presents an opportunity to slow down the Eagles #2 rated pass rush. Philly's been getting gashed for nearly 5 yards per carry. If the o-line can get it's act together enough to get somewhere close to 100 yards rushing we should be able to hang close and keep Alex Smith's head on his shoulders.

49ers sacks allowed: 11 (27th)
Eagles sacks: 12 (2nd)

Far and away our worst match-up up front. Our o-line has just been getting abused by opposing front sevens and it has to stop if this team is going to go anywhere. One I thing I did notice about these sack #'s is that Philly racked theirs up against three of the worst pass protecting teams (29th, 30th & 26th) up to this point . . . so they should feel right at home against us. Hopefully our o-line swells up in pass protection this week.

The stat that gives me some legitimate hope for Sunday is turnover ratio. We're plus 6 which is #1 in the league. Philly is minus 4 which is 28th in the league. If that holds form we'll be there in the 4th quarter with a punchers chance.
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Why all of a sudden so many are saying the Niners have no chance against the Eagles...they're 1-2 for a reason! They're failing all their hype and expectations!

If we really have no chance then someone please start the Gameday vs Bucanneers thread already! There's nothing left to discuss about this game.

Any given Sunday.
If we win this one (tough team + tough road venue), we could go 5-1 into the bye-week, definite favorites to run away with the division.
I feel like we will come out strong, score early. But slow down as the game progesses.
Overall i see it as a very close ending.
Something along the lines of 24-21 49ers
Either way we have a lot of issues to fix and what we did against SEA and CIN won't cut it at Philly, home against Tampa Bay and on the road against DET. Like someone mentioned 3-3 going into the bye week is good enough for me. We would still have 5 division games left... toughest games would be @BALT, PITT, @WASH and home against NYG. So we would have 4 tough games left out of the remaining 10. Not that any game is easy... but taking care of the division would probably get us playoffs.
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