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the eating crow for FA

Originally posted by JiksJuicy:
Funny to read through this and see how many people are right back on the hater-aid around here.

In a matter of 2 weeks. Ill break it down

2 Weeks ago-We love Harbaugh he is great, we have a good chance at being good
3 days later- We haven't signed a FA we are doomed! OMG lets freak out and say how bad we hate this team and Baalke
3 days later- Oh well I'm here to eat crow because I overreact about every little thing. Patience doesn't exist
1 week later- "How pathetic are We?" "Were doomed after 11 practices" OMG the sky is falling Andre Luck, Andrew Luck, Andrew Luck.
My guys of 1 week from today- Dang we are looking pretty good! I guess these guys just needed time togehter, more than a week of practice we are back in the play-off hunt.


i expected this game would be ugly i even started a thread before the game saying first 2 preseason games is ugly

we have a complicated WCO and alex has ahad 6 days to learn it the rest of the team 12 i would be worried if we picked up the offense that quick people need to realize it will take more than 12 or in some cases 6 practices to learn a new complicated offense

I expect our offense will only look good by week 3
This + a vet QB
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