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Welcome Braylon Edwards

yeah baby!!!
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We now have three of the top ten picks from 2005! #1 and #3 unite!

carlos rogers was #9 as well

Pretty sure Whitner was taken #8 or #9 as well....

Whitner was taken #8 in the 2006 draft.
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All we we now is a QB

How we do this season like all 7 seasons Smith has been with us and every season in the future with Smith will depend a LOT on how Smith does. Overall, we upgraded our team, we have a coach who knows how to coach...we just need Smith to step up


so true

oh well, I"ll be excited while I still can!!
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I has it.

We has it

That old feeling is returning ...
Now if we can add more depth along the DL and bring in a veteran QB just in case Alex falters we can take this weak ass division!
Edwards will be the tall strong receiver thats aggressive and we were missing that. While crabtree will master the slant pass. and morgan will be a wildcard making plays here and there.Sounds like we have a good receiving corps. But we might have to pick up a star receiver in the 1st round next year if crabtree morgan and edwards walk after this season
Going to break the TO curse of not having a 1000 yard reciever by having two!! Edwards and Davis!!!!!
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so we have 3 Wrs and 1 TE picked in the top 10 and a QB that was number one. we should have the best offense ever. Sucks we will pass for 2,500 yrds this

3 WRs?


Yup. Ginn, Crabs and now Edwards. Not that it means much, but they all had great college careers and were highly regarded coming into the NFL.


TRENT BAALKEEEEEEE straight up pulling the heisman on all the haters hahahaha.
His hands still worry me but a great signing nevertheless.

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Hell yeah

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I don't know what makes my happier this signing or the fact I finally got to post something first!

I'll go with Braylon!

Go 9ers!!!

I thought it was the other LA, this is making my head hurt.
Lets go niners NFC WEST CHAMPS FINALLY!!!!!
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I don't know why people are super excited about this guy. Braylon Edwards cannot catch the ball. His catch rate + Alex Smith's accuracy = 1 catch out of, what, every 12 balls thrown his way? The Jets preferred someone who spent the last two years in jail over this guy.

He dropped 1 pass last year.

Exactly! Get your facts straight. Dropped 1 ball last year. Dude is a big play waiting to happen. Just think of what its going to do for Vernon and Crabtree when healthy!!
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