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Can we give some props to Trent Baalke?

Can we give some props to Trent Baalke?


Bring back the I hate Baalke thread. BRING IT BACK ALIVE!!
Been on board with him from day 1. His philosophy is spot on!
Props to Baalke
Another thread.
So, bang goes one of the reasons for the York Hating.
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It is amazing how smart a GM can look when he has a competent coaching staff. But considering that the GM has a lot of responsibility in selecting the HC, he gets credit for that too.
Baalke sucks
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My favorites are the "F" grades on the first few pages.
Really impressed with the job he's done to this point, especially this last offseason.

First, he got the coach.

Second, the draft was excellent, although I wouldn't have thought that immediately after. A really nice mix of immediate production(Smith, Culliver, Hunter, and Miller) and future promise(Kaepernick, Kilgore, maybe Person). I think he had just one real miss with Ronald Johnson, and that's not a bad ratio at all.

Third, handled FA very well. I think many of us were worried when we didn't pick up some of the bigger-name free agents, and began to lose players who had been contributors on our team. Turns out we didn't need to be. To borrow from Herb Brooks, he didn't necessarily get the "best" players, but it sure seems that he got the right ones.

So, indeed, props to Baalke!

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Great job... tremendous draft pick with Aldon

Consider it done. And AthensGaNiner you stole my joke. But I would not have executed as well.
Originally posted by VA49er:
Consider it done. And AthensGaNiner you stole my joke. But I would not have executed as well.

Great minds think alike!
I'll kiss the tip.
We are finally doing what good teams do, use a young player's strengths immediately! I hated the fact that our player development was always super slow because it almost appeared as if we would not insert a player until he developed to be a well-rounded player first.

For years, we have discussed as to why the team wasn't using specific strengths of young players and now, we are finally doing this.
Originally posted by RollinWith21n52:
In his first official season as GM:

-petitions to get Singletary fired
-hires the most coveted offseason coach
-goes against convention to draft Aldon Smith (in the running for DROY)
-drafts Culliver in the 3rd round. Again highly criticized pick that seems to be paying major dividends
-drafts a college DE to play FB. Gets laughed at. The conversion seems to be working well
-gets the best CB in the league this year in FA, at a very minimal price
-gets Braylon Edwards for essentially free
-signs solid starting FS who may be our FS of the future
-locks up McDonald and pins him as the starting DE. Many see McDonald as a bench player. Playing at a pro-bowl level
-lets Franklin walk. Again criticized. New NT playing at an even higher level

Lets give this guy some well deserved credit

Glad we have somebody in the front office who knows what there doing
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