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So who starts at corner

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The answer lies in Fangio's style of play and schemes.

Look what Geen Bay did with unknowns Sam Shields and Travian Williams.

If Fangio wants guys who can cover, man-for-man, for x seconds, with specific, tight safety help, Donatel will coach them up to do it.

If Fangio wants a maniac outside blitzer from the CB position, Donatel will coach-up the right guy to do it.

If Fangio wants a stud run stuffer on one side, Donatel will coach-up the right guy to do it.

What Fangio and Donatel cannot do, is manufacture a true shutdown CB, and there are no more such CB's to be had in FA. The coaching course is now set. Look for more of a 4-man orchestrated dance among the 4 DB's on the field, rather than one-on-one responsibilities. It will be on Fangio to out-manuever those Offensive Coordinators, who are trying to creat one-on-one isolation plays. Maybe the club gets its Patrick Peterson in Next year's draft, to create more defensive flexibility.

Agree and nice post

I got to admit Jim, reading that got me a little excited. You should work for the Niner's PR department.

They also had Charles Woodson on the field. In my opinion he is one of those players, like a polmalu, that make the players around him better. Without woodson there would be a drop off.

No question that Woodson is a force and I agree that he does make the players around him, play better. The only "forces" on the current Niner D are Willis and Justin Smith. With 7 years experience, the last 3 on a high-rqnking D in Minnesota, maybe M. Williams can be more of a cerebral QB for the defensive backfield than the rough-and-tumble Goldson.

I see the club needing 6 NFL-caliber CB's on the 53-man roster, in order to deal with the 4-wideout formations and inevitable week-to-week injuries at the position. Do they have 6 NFL-caliber CB's on the roster right now? I doubt it. In fact, I think that they are probably 2 CB's short, one a starter and another an experienced back-up.

It looks like the veteran starter candidates are down to either FA Carlos Rogers or a trade for Asante Samuel. Because the Fangio defense is going to be so sensitive to coordination among the 4-5 primary defensive backs, the club needs to get this other starting-caliber CB in camp immediately. No time to lose in this compressed TC. . So, waiting for late TC cuts from other clubs, may be a good "patient" strategy to find the back-up veteran CB, but that strategy is not effective to get the starting-caliber guy.

I have no idea how Fangio and Donatel would rank the existing CB's, but just based on my own eyes and monitoring, the current pecking order might be:


Thus, they are currently two CB's short to create any type of competitive situation.
From the recent Vic Fangio interviews, it seems like he is anxious to see Spencer practicing. It might be a surprise to see someone supplant him, but it will be interesting to see the final order. This may be one of the more difficult to predict, position competitions.
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chris culliver and phillip adams...brock is #3
Not at the table Carlos!
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