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So who starts at corner

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with NC gone to Cincy?

phillip adams?

i don't even know who else is our cb after him???
Spencer and ...?
reggie smith and Samuels with Culliver and Spencer has nickelbacks and backups
jed is a good option
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is Terrell Brown still on the team? got speed but weak against bigger receivers
Culliver and Spencer.

Brown and Adams as 3rd and 4th, if we get a vet CB like Samuel then he starts ahead of Spencer or Culliver.
The secondary could be 1999-2000 bad.
David Akers
Mark McMillan and Darnell Walker
As of now it has to be Spencer and Brown. I doubt Culliver can handle a starting spot at this time. He has great athletic ability, but is raw and only has 1 year experience playing corner in college. He is best served being used in sub-packages in the early going.

Originally posted by amir_tn80:
Mark McMillan and Darnell Walker

Lol that would be the shortest starting corner duo of all-time.
trent baalke
Mark Roman

mike rumph.
Who knows what we'll find out at the CB position. Last year Green Bay thought they were screwed and the guys who stepped up turned out great. Maybe we find out we are not so bad off as we thought we were.

And then again we could totally suck.
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