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With Baas to the Giants, what does that mean for us?

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Originally posted by cubanb:
Originally posted by HIMYM:
Has this news been confirmed by anyone except PFT yet?

Their source is Barrows' twitter.

Ohh, Okay. Then there is no doubt about it. Lol, could it be that Harbaugh wants a diff kind of C? Baas did play pretty well last year.
Don't know the details of the deal yet but I guarantee the Giants overpaid for him.

I would have been all about bringing this guy back but AT THE RIGHT PRICE.

Clearly he cashed in based on one good season at center last year and the fact that the Giants let Seubert and O'Hara go.

He's replaceable, just like Heitmann was.
Originally posted by Hopper:
Originally posted by DShanghai69er:
It means: "Oh no! We suck (more) again!!!"

I want to believe in Alex, but it looks like we're gonna be handicapped at several key positions: QB, C (the anchor of our O-Line), and NT (the anchor of our D-Line) once Franklin leaves. Oh, and our secondary is very sub-par as well. Oh wait!!! We've decided to ante-up for Goldson who's had one great game in his career.

Good luck, Harbaugh...

couldn't agree more.

If they are going to pay for anyone on D it should be Franklin. I'm not as concerned about losing Baas as I am about the lack of options behind him. I have to keep telling myself though that the 9ers haven't had a winning season in 8 years with these guys so maybe its not that bad as long there is a plan B.
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First of all, everyone breathe.

Now, I was surprised that Baas left but the front office offered him a deal during the season and he turned it down. He wanted to hit free agency; no problem there. Any player that becomes a free agent is free to accept any offer they like; no problem there.

The front office tried hard to bring him back and he chose to play for the Giants; no problem there either. To the nay-sayers pointing at Baalke and the front office I would simply ask them how happy would they be if Baalke had announced that the 49ers had just over paid on a 4 year center with an injury history but some upside, and that the deal was for x number of years?!

Lets look at the World optimisticly, Baas was a player most would have liked the team to retain. They tried to retain him and couldn't persuade him to stay. Moreover the front office prepared for this eventuality (and Heitmann's injury) by drafting two players to play center. That move now looks alot smarter doesn't it (to the nay-sayers; would you like to give Baalke some credit for doing that now?)

To answer the original question: I think it means that the front office continue with their plan towards FA. They may yet retain Goldson (but he's another I wouldn't break the bank completely for either) and obtain a CB in FA. In the medium term if there is a FA experienced center out there I am sure the team will take a hard look but right now I guess it means that Kilgore and Pearson will get some decent reps in training camp - that's not a bad thing.

Oh, and just in case people point out that the two rookies are late rd picks and moving position they might like to reflect that Heitmann was too and he beat out Baas to that position every year Baas was in the league!

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Pretty much means we are SCREWED!!!! WTF is wrong with this organization??!?!!!??!?!?!
Looks like it's going to be a camp battle between Snyder and Wragge....if they re-sign Wragge, which I would think is now a priority.

Too bad to, this is something that usually happens to the Cardinals. As soon as someone get's good they leave.
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by espn_nfcwest
Jets main competition for Asomuga right now are the 49ers, they are in it strong...will be interesting to see how it plays out...

f**k it we might have a slight change now? maybe? One can hope?
Originally posted by NinerGM:
I think before we start full panic mode, there needs to be understanding that OC was important but can be replaced. There are better centers out there on the market even now and we haven't even officially arrived at signing day.

I'm not worried about OC at all, I'm more concerned about NT. Stability on the line would have been jeopardized anyway with the strong possibility of Rachal being benched and being replaced by Snyder.

When you say "we drafted ..." let's be clear who did the drafting and why. Baas was taken at the top of the 2nd round with the hope he would be able to create protection for Smith. That didn't really come through and Baas has only been healthy for the past season at center. I couldn't see the team getting into a big bidding war for a OC with only one year of complete health behind his belt.

I don't know but OC again I think are the least of our worries.

Agreed, losing the stability he brought to the o-line hurts a bit. But he can be replaced
in the last few years the niners have not over paid to retain

Justin Smiley ....... (3rd pick)

Kwame Harris ........(1st rd pick)

David Baas ........(top 2nd rd pick)

and the sky hasn't fallen in yet ....

Does this mean we will start an UDFA at C (Chase Beeler)?

I mean, what are our options at this point? Maybe Snyder at C and Chilo at RG
Or Person/Kilgore at C ...

umm... Hello Front Office, I don't know if you've realized it yet, but you can go after Free Agents now!?!
I won't freak out about this but I mean, come on. He was a priority signing. If the Giants threw 10 million per year at him, ok they win. I think he played well last year and probably would've improved this year...

We absolutely have to sign Franklin. If we don't, that is probably when I start to have that normal pre-season fear creeping in...

...ESPECIALLY if he sign that idiot Goldson to a monster deal.
Don't forget Tony Wragge who is a free agent has also played center for us. I say sigh Kreutz and hope one of the following can take over in a few years: Beeler, Kilgore, Person, Snyder, etc.
Originally posted by BSofSF:
This one troubles me. I think resigning Baas should have been a priority. What is Plan B, or Plan C given Heitman is out.

Alex Smith plus no veteran Center = Offensive Disaster Year #12 (or 13, who remembers anymore)
Originally posted by Ajanke:
aelombardi Michael Lombardi
by espn_nfcwest
Jets main competition for Asomuga right now are the 49ers, they are in it strong...will be interesting to see how it plays out...

f**k it we might have a slight change now? maybe? One can hope?

Nnamdi wants to go to a winning team because he is tired of suckage. Jets, who have been to the AFC championship back to back, has one of the top 3 Ds in the league, and has the best CB in the league to anchor the opposite side OR 49ers, who have not been to the playoffs in 8 years??

Pretty easy decision if I were him.
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