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With Baas to the Giants, what does that mean for us?

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I think people are not facing reality. Bass got, according to sources top 3-4 center pay. Is he worth that. Have some of you considered the salary cap.? Did you know that it is less than last year at $120 mil.? As of right now we are about 6-7 mil under the cap., which will be increased by another 2.375 mil with the release of Carr. The niners want to renegotiate Nates contract, but won't let him go unless they get someone to replace him. So who knows how much more they will get from that?.

On paper Wragge and Snyder will be vying for the job, but as stated Chase Beeler is in the mix as he is familiar with Harbaugh’s system and Harbaugh may feel he has what it takes. Beeler was an AP All American 1st team and Walter Camp 2nd team All American. There is also talk that the niners are looking at Olin Kruetz, alth
old, he is an All Pro.

If Beeler is so great, why wasn't he drafted? UFA's are rarely anything but training camp fodder....

I said it was rare...LaGarrette Blount was not drafted due to a disciplinary issue...Chase Beeler just wasn't drafted...32 teams passed...for no apparent reason

While rare-it is one of those right player with the right team. With the niners and Beeler they are a good match. What was that RB that signed with us then bolted to the TB Bucs that started. Never say never. Dwight Clark in this day and age would have been a UDFA- but if he hooked with the niners he still would have succeeded. Camp fodder? only time will tell...if the draft was so all telling then tell me why there are busts in the 1st and successes in the latter round, cause it is an inexact science and sometimes it is a matter people and teams fitting together.
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It means that Baas is a dirt bag traitor

It means that the Giants will have two players whose names are pronounced "Boss"

It means I hope he dies, his neck gets cut off, and tiki barber sh*** down his neck

It means that NY fans will not tolerate his mediocre play

LMFAO! lil harsh but still made me laugh.

sounds like you got something personal against the man.
It means we have a huge f**king hole in the center of our line....f**k...

Harbaugh and co. better have a backup plan. I don't want to see a L because of a bad snap or blown assignment. Centers have a pivitol role on the line and we just let a good one walk...f**k
It mean that the Giants will have the hands on our Offense playbook ?
If you are going to be paying top 3 money, I would rather pay veteran who has some pro bowl status behind him like Olin Kruetz. Though the bears want to sign him, he is from the west coast and since the job is open, wouldn't mind finishing his career here. The niners are rumored to be in the running.
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Arent we supposed to be filling holes it seems like were just making more
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Does this mean we will start an UDFA at C (Chase Beeler)?

I mean, what are our options at this point? Maybe Snyder at C and Chilo at RG
Or Person/Kilgore at C ...

umm... Hello Front Office, I don't know if you've realized it yet, but you can go after Free Agents now!?!

While it is a little bit unusual for a rookie to start at center, the recent history of Nick Mangold and Pouncey as rookie centers shows you don't need a vet. Beeler may prove to be the best option. He knows the system, hence knows the blocking calls, which is the biggest hurdle for a rookie to cross. Now if he has the athletic ability to make the blocks, he might do just fine.

Very optimistic but he's a bit light at 285lbs, though. Maybe he's put on some weight since? UDFA aside, I would think he's going to need to add a bare minimum of 15lbs, otherwise he's going to struggle.

I don't think you want a rookie next to Rachal. Not to mention Iupati and Davis are still learning and need a veteran presence. O'Hara.
Casey Rabach is available? he is 33
It means the NY Giants now have a copy of our playbook!
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It means the NY Giants now have a copy of our playbook!

Baas got one huh

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It means the NY Giants now have a copy of our playbook!

Baas got one huh

are we sure he got one, he only came to 1 day of camp alex
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Snyder focuses on Center in camp, and becomes primary backup
Kilgore and Beeler developed for the future

Is Kreutz really available? I have heard he is staying in Chicago..???
It means the Giants have more money than sense.
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espn is reporting we made him an offer
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