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Which of these two 49ers DVD sets is better?


Both have similar reviews on amazon. Anyone have these or seen them? Which one is better?
Well that depends what you want, my friend.

The America's Games can be watched on Hulu, for free, whenever you'd like. They are all great and chronicle the seasons of the 49ers 5 Super Bowl wins.

The 5 Greatest Games are all the Super Bowl wins, and I believe they are just the broadcasts of the games themselves.

If I were buying a gift, I'd go AMERICA'S GAMES, but those are free so...
I have the Greatest Games set, all 5 Super Bowl games in all it's glory. The only thing I wish it had were key match ups in the respective seasons.
wow...sitting over there on hulu - - and I can't decide which video to watch first. there are a lot of em.
I got both but I watch America's Game to motivate me more. It is just a great show. Go to Amazon and get new copies for way cheaper.
I have both. I'd have to say I watch America's Game more than the Super Bowl telecasts. The second Bengals Super Bowl is something you can watch over and over. That Bengal team was a tough bunch. Icky Woods was a load. The other Super Bowl game I watch is the second quarter of the 84 Dolphins game. The 49ers annihilated a team that lost only twice in the regular season.
I, too, have both and enjoy the America's Game set better. Goes through the entire season and has personal accounts from 3 members of the team on each DVD.

I watch them constantly and they really never get old. Well done piece that still sends chills down your spine while watching.

Originally posted by ihatealex2005:

Anything done by NFL films FTW.

I have the Super Bowl set because I wanted the 5 SBs in their original broadcast for years, so glad to have them.
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