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Harbaugh and Cryst, our new QB teachers

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Before kickoffs, Chryst enjoyed watching Harbaugh mimic his counterpart’s motion.

“Jim was also a lot of fun,” Chryst said. “He can watch an opposing quarterback warm-up and, like we used to do sometimes with baseball swings, he could kind of have the keen eye to watch it and then quickly integrate that into ‘Hey, this is how he throws.’ He’s great at that.”

Finally, true QB coaches that have an "eye".

Now, the question becomes: Who's their next project from the? Is it the draft? Is it the FA pool? Or is a trade necessary to acquire the needed resource. If Carr is kept, can they do something with him. Same with Alex. Would they trade for Josh Johnson, Harbaugh's old pupil at San Diego? Do they take Newton or Gabbert in the first, or wait and possibly take Ponder, Dalton or Kaepernick in the second...or maybe Stanzi in the third. Hmmmm... there are only HUGE questions, not answers at the most important position on the field.

Thank God, that we have a HC and QB coach that have a rapport and common instinct to ID their QB. And given the "tone" of Cryst's interview, fun times are ahead for the important position on the field.

Truly, there's a relief in that!

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I really like Harbaugh. I know good former players don't always seem to turn out to be good coaches, but Harbaugh is different. If you look at Sing, he obviously was one of the greatest MLBs in the history of the game. But playing and teaching are two different things. Sing could teach linebacking better than anyone, but he allowed his linebacker mentality to interfere with the way he handled the rest of the team, especially the offense.

Harbaugh seems like a guy who knows exactly how to teach his position. He's a competitor, he's fierce, he doesn't back down. He's also intelligent and seems like a guy that the players can go to for help on something they don't understand. I know he wasn't a great QB, but you don't need to be one to teach the position to others. All you need to be able to do is communicate well with your pupils, have past experience, and actually know what you're talking about in terms of quarterbacking.

Really looking forward to this season, and God, I hope the CBA gets resolved.
Man Harbaugh is awesome!
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I put my faith in Chryst
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Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:

Obviously...he sucks, so he don't count
The wonderful thing about great QB coaching is that they get the most out of their QBs. Bill Walsh, Holmgren, Shanahan, and the other great coaches we had not only produced Montana and Young... but they made Steve Bono and Elvis Grbac look awesome in back-up duty. So awesome that both of them became starters elsewhere in the league.
dude has an eye for talent. he had romo rated in the 2nd round and in the article i just read on the front page of this site it says he had carr rated as a 6th round pick. these two among with a few others that have turned out pretty good give me hope that this guy will get it all taken care of.
Remember this

Wow....deep. Funny thing is, I broke down Harbaugh's history starting at Michigan, to Chicago, Indy, etc. Nowhere in his entire time as a player or a coach has he ever received quality coaching from a great offensive mind. At least one with a modern offense. We were all fooled.
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