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Hard Knocks In Niner Land

How can the fans get the Hard Knocks show to come to San Fran...
We have to be rude, cocky and obnoxious and like the Jets.
Oh yeah, welcome n00b!
I think they only do playoff teams!
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If I recall they wanted to come here a year or two ago and we said no. I don't think Harbaugh would want them here either.
I think the nation might have to have an interest in the team for them to want to do a show about it. Nobody outside of Niner fans and other fans who hate the 49ers are going to care about a team that has been in the dumps for the last 7 years.
I would rather not.
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NoKa, your up late, man.
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Originally posted by mayo49:
NoKa, your up late, man.

Not that late here, 1249 not bad.
Dont want 9ers on HK. We want the under dog tag for as long as we can have it. HK will only put the 9ers in the spot light.

You can watch the videos on which cover the 49ers all season long including training camp. No need for HBO....
..there won't even be a training camp
Originally posted by admjr85:
How can the fans get the Hard Knocks show to come to San Fran...

They are in San Fran, but they're filming the proven winners over at AT&T Park.
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Originally posted by KRS-1:


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