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49ers-Harbaugh Press Conference: 3:30PM PST

Originally posted by HarbaughEra49:
Harbaugh how do you feel about the qb situation. "I would rather play with 10 guys that want to win. I want winners. But I'll have to look at the film"

Well...let me just say's not one of those things were guys are like "coach!! coach!! what are we gonna do about the qb? Whats gonna.." its not like that. I look at it like this...mmmmmm....filmmmmm......meee loveee filmmmm.....

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I felt it too.

PatrickWillis52 Patrick willis

Did I just feel an earthquake. Wow that made me nervous lol

Sounds like Harbaugh is really shaking things up, amiright?



That's cool. That's cool.

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Originally posted by susweel:
Originally posted by AllTimeGreat:
Originally posted by susweel:
MM asked the stupidest question of the day.

"who is your starting QB" ???

It was a joke bro lol.

I dont think so, I think he f**ked up.

It was a joke, he laughed, then asked a subsequent question.
I'm pleasantly surprised by Baalke's confidence and demeanor. Total 180 degrees from the stuttering, stammering McCloughan.
It was kind of hard to watch this because of the insane amount of hype that led up to this. From Jed getting his "puppet GM" (that delivered) to this 3 day media locust swarm and eventual hiring of Harbaugh. There are a select few who can perform in a media session of that kind of magnitude.

I thought Harbaugh did very well and I think he set the tone to the local and national "blog/tweet fairies" that he is nothing like Singletary and if you ask dumb questions he will call them out, with care. LOVED IT!
Anyone like how Harbaugh deals with the media. If asked a question say like the 49ers moving from SF or beating Pete Carroll he immediately went back to I am excited to get to work, etc.
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Originally posted by bracus:
I missed it, does anybody have a link where I can watch the full PC?
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Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Originally posted by krizay:
all them questions and not one about nthe 3-4 or 4-3 defense!

its obviously 3-4 he ran a 3-4 in stanford

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