Well being as this thread devolved into another "debate 49er fandom" thread I am forced to lock it. I'll re-open it tomorrow if Harbaugh is not hired but only keep it open if it stays on topic.

The fact of the matter is this is a 49ER forum. If you want to whinge about how people cry over sports but not over politics post your threads on Politico, Townhall.com or the Huffington Post.

Right now this is the biggest story happening in 49er land. You don't need to be at all interested in voicing discontent to Jed. That's totally cool - it's not everyone's boat. But for some of us this is big deal. For those people who do feel it's a big deal we have this thread. For others, you have other threads and forums to go to.

Hopefully we have good news tomorrow. if not, well, we can figure the rest out when it happens. Until then, happy posting.