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What Were You Right About/Wrong About This Season?

michael lewis being a b***h and needed to leave
i wasn't right on anything... the whole team dissapointed me!

i was wrong on just about everything! that serves me right for having faith, drinking the kool-aid and being a homer.

once again this team has proved me wrong and produced nothing but HOT-PURE GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!
That the Wembley game would be a fantastic spectacle, and make up for not getting to see the niners when in SF in 2005 (although I'm kind of glad that I missed it!)

Brian Jennings would still be the man

No matter how he performed, or how any other player played the most divisive thing on the webzone would be peoples opinion of Alex Smith.

Frank Gore would get injured

About everything else... I thought Singletary would involve the spread more, that our o-line had the right balance of youth and experience to be effective, that we would use our TE's to create mis-matches rather than as run blockers.

That the Gore injury would introduce a new dimension to our offence

That the defence could get pressure on a QB and defend the pass.

Signing Jeff Garcia in October

~ Dorks still own team.
~ They hired idiot HC.
~ Stuck with idiot HC.
~ He hired and stuck with idiot OC.
~ DC under performed.
~ QB situation was a disaster.
~ Secondary was even worse.
~ Pass Rush was poor.
~ RT and RG were horrible.


Dingletary fired.
i was sorely mistaken to think we were going to impose our will on every team we played after the very 1st play of the reg. season(NClements INT) in seattle
Not right about much.

Really thought Westbrook would have been utilized more along with two back sets with both Gore and Westbrook.

Like some play action to one with a swing pass to the other or Davis in the seam.
Right: the offense wasn't going to be anything special.

Wrong: the defense was going to be special.

- The secondary would suck
- The defense would take a step back
- Iupatti would be our best linemen
- Vernon wouldn't be used as much
- Coffee wouldn't do anything (He left, but I was still right )


- We'd sneak into the playoffs due to talent
- Continuity would mean something
- Bad offensive play calling
- Middle ranking Defense

- 9-7 Record
- Playoffs
- Sing getting through the year
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