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What Were You Right About/Wrong About This Season?

From day 1 I thought Singletary was a terrible idea. Made no sense at all, totally imaginary system not based in reality.

The Yorks firing him now, great, but he was an incompetent hire to start with, it was clear early on and he should have been fired weeks ago.
Originally posted by NinerGM:
Right About:

- 49ers wouldn't have a pass-rush despite delivering sacks last season. Sacks and pressure are two different things. The 49ers don't get pressure on every down.
thats what some of us are talking about the whole day...the majority only thinks about our DB.
- Manny Lawson is still a marginally average player who doesn't have the speed to chase down opposing QBs. Today was a perfect example when a rook QB roles out despite being chased and throws a strike for a TD.
lawson should play on the left side...everyone knows that guy isnt a pass-rusher at all.
- 49ers shouldn't have started two rookies on the OL. I said this emphatically that starting Davis at RT was a huge mistake. We should have asked Staley to play RT and have Sims play LT. I've said this all season despite catching a lot of flack here. However, Staley seems to be quite fragile and has solidified the "average" status to me. We should have benched Chilo Rachal.
1.yes, rachal should have been benched.
2.sims is ok but staley is better...
3.IIRC davis wasnt that bad today...he played a horrible game against long in the previous rams-game.

Wrong About

- Ted Ginn would have an offensive/ST impact. Ginn was okay on ST, but for the most part, he's been really bad. what do u expect? that he will return a kick/punt for a TD every game? he didnt fumble a lot/at all and tried's more than enough, imo. as if every nfl-team has outstanding returners. what about joshua cribbs? didnt hear anything from him this season...

- Alex Smith yes, he isnt our franchise qb but he wasnt that bad...troy was worse.

- Mike Solari having a better influence over Mike Singletary about who should be on the OL. It was clear Snyder was beating out Rachal in camp. Davis wasn't ready but still forced to play. ok
Originally posted by matt49er:

DB severely needing an upgrade (why I want a vet QB like Kolb, McNabb and a 1st round CB)
1.kolb is overrated.
2.just b/c he isnt a rookie anymore, it doesnt mean that he is a vet due to starter experience...that guy is overrated.

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Goldson is the one thing that pops up in my mind after reading the thread title. I knew he would be a good player but he stunk it up this year.
Originally posted by WillisToHOF:
Originally posted by wolfpack52:

No Playoffs
Offense would suck because you can base an offense around a dive play
No Pass Rush
Sing would get fired
Goldston would suck
Rachel would be the worst G in the league (my opinion and he lived up to it)
Alex would have a good year
Willis would be DPOTY god he sucked this year
Mays would be an impact player
Franklin would be ok even after sitting out of camp.
Ginn would be a decent WR

ummm... if you consider this season a bad one for Willis then i'm fine with that 128 tackles, 6sacks (Career high), and 2 ff. that is a better season than many LB's ever have

Maybe your fine with him getting pushed back 5 yards before he gets the guy down or him getting burned then chasing guys down to make a tackle 10 yards later but not me. No ones scared of him anymore. They run right at him and pick up 6 or 7 yards per carry. He lost too much weight in the off season and got faster but has lost his ability to blow up FBs. Im tired of seeing him getting pwned by slow goofy FBs. He needs to hit the weight room in the offseason and put his 10 lbs back on.
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Originally posted by jreff22:
We would be good.....


I was thinking 9-7 or 10-6. I bet a friend we would win more games than the Seahawks and spotted him 2 games. I am not usually overly optimistic, but I was this time.
Originally posted by BHulman:
Right - Thought Andy Lee would have a good season.

Wrong - Just about everything else.

At least Andy Lee is nasty, he's our best player. Just look at those biceps.
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The 49ers would win the division and make the playoffs.

Crabtree would have a 1000 yard year, but I don't blame him at all for falling short.

Manny Lawson would lead the team in sacks, he has had a good year but he just isn't a pass rushed. Great at closing gaps and holding down the run and good in coverage though.

Frank Gore would lead the NFC in rushing..


We still don't have an answer at QB.

Dingleberry would be fired.
I predicted 7-9 before the season and didn't think this was a playoff team. Guess I was half right. I overestimated the team's abilities.
Right about Alex.
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I was COMPLETELY WRONG WITH MIKE SINGLETARY AS OUR HEAD COACH. I believed would be different than Mike Nolan...This whole season shown me how wrong I was. To the Faithful on the webzone that I would argue with over Sing's coaching ability, You were right & now will accept my:



-I thought Sing would be an okay head coach.
-Expected to finish 9-7
-Goldson would grow on his performance from last year
-Manny would finally turn into a good pass rusher
-Our OL would be good by season's end

-Alex Smith is average at best
-Our defense is overrated
-AD is raw and likely to have growing pains (not sure why everyone expected the opposite)

I was probably wrong about more, but that is the majority of items...
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RIGHT- That a power running offense would not be popular with the fans even if the team won more than they lost.

- If Gore went down the offense would be totally ineffectual.

- The young OL would struggle mightily in a man blocking scheme, especially in the first half of the season.

- If the defense did not develop a consistent pass rush, the secondary would be badly abused.

WRONG - 8-8/9-7 prediction.

- The defense would be solid and hold most teams to less than 20 points in the second half of the season.
Deep breath.

Jimmy Raye, Alex Smith, Mike Singletary, Ted Ginn, DEFENSE, and Taylor Mays.

EDIT: 10-6

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Originally posted by BHulman:
Right - Thought Andy Lee would have a good season.

Wrong - Just about everything else.

You put it perfect.
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Alex benched
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