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This is why nobody likes you, Niner Talk

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Originally posted by ElDannMann:
Originally posted by Kilgore_Trout:
Originally posted by A-R-S:
Can't push an official. Justin Smith is an idiot.

The ref created the contact by running in there. I'm not sure Justin Smith even saw who he was pushing as he looked to be about eight inches taller than the ref.

Not only that, the ref was in his way and Justin was just trying to get back to the huddle. The ref got all pissy.

Refs run into scruffs all the time. Cant push them. I knew he was ejected the second I saw it.
They screwed us hard right there. Justin Smith clearly didn't see who he trying to move out the way, bc it wasn't really push. I still think that Alex smith touchdown call was a fluke as well.
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Of course his intent wasn't bad, thats obvious. He just thought it was another player. Doesn't matter.
Originally posted by ElDannMann:
Originally posted by A-R-S:
Can't push an official. Justin Smith is an idiot.

Wasn't a push. I can show you a push, if you'd like.

ok badass
Our line may be still a work in progress but the play calling makes no sense. Fire all of them
Throw them the dam ball. Dumb ass staff
Originally posted by NCommand:
Originally posted by Chico:
The 49ers seem to play well on the Sunday/Monday/Thursday night games. They play close against good teams and great against bad teams. It's probably because they're young and play with a lot of energy because they know it's nationally televised and the cameras are on them. My guess is that they will keep it close but the defense will choke at the end because of their preventive defense.

Ding ding ding. We have a winner.

It's still a road game and we we SUCK on the road. I live in San Diego and it's been raining today which bodes well for their big d-line and our "between the tackles" running. Westbrook/Dixon will need extra big cleats again and look to attack the perimeters to have any chance against their pass rush.

They would exploit them the way every team has and that is to attack them in the middle of the field with TE's and crossing WR's. We are and have always been very soft in coverage in the middle of the field despite 5 Niners "standing" right around the receiver. The 3-4's weakness is on the edges and in the middle of the field and with multiple WR sets, it keeps Willis in coverage and away from his play-making ability.

Ding ding ding.

Could an NFL team more predictable?
Can anybody remember the last time we did a QB sneak?
it has been known that Alex feels he is just playing to showcase himself to other teams as well as trying to win games....

Sing put a QB in these last few games that probably didn't feel he was going to be around next year.

So you have a QB that will probably not take any chances with passes....and would rather check it down or throw a short pass than take a chance to throw it past 15 yards.

if he does and it gets picked, Alex looks bad again......if Alex doesn't take chances and checks it down, it looks like the coaching is doing a horrible job not getting our receivers open with playcalling.....which is probably also true.

we are down by 24pts with zero points and our season is still alive....and yet Alex is still not taking chances....I think that is telling of where his mind is..

but Sing deserves this so I don't give a fuuuuu.
Our idea of a QB Sneak is a QB taking a s**t on the sideline, and falling in it.

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alex ain't a idiot he just sucks at playing football.
Man i just think 4th & inches on the goal line has qb sneak all over it
Mike Singletary just made an idiotic challenge... WTF mate!
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Originally posted by rob28:
alex ain't a idiot he just sucks at playing football.

i second this statement
Yeah Alex is making Sing and the Oline look bad, sure buddy.
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