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"I'm not going to cut my hair until we make the playoffs." - Willis

He may have a huge afro by the time his career is over.

You guys think he will stick to this?


And while Willis is always motivated to stop opposing running backs, there’s even more on the line this time around. Willis completely shaved his face and head prior to the Rams matchup and will let the hair grow until the 49ers reach the playoffs.

“Hopefully, I’ll be getting it cut by the end of the season,” he said with a smile. “I’m going to line it up, but keep letting it grow.”

Like his hair, Willis’ value to the 49ers defense will continue to grow too, whether he’s making 10-plus tackles or not.
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I think the other players should do the same
I'm glad he didn't say that he wasn't going to shower until we make the playoofs.
He's gonna regret this.
Didn't David Carr make this promise too when he was on the Texans...?

Originally posted by 49ersNoKaOi:
He's gonna regret this.
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I think this is awesome. Anything to help motivate yourself and maybe even those around you. Willis is BAD ASS.

Love it.
Fear the Afro?

Patrick is gonna reward his recent contract extension.... by growing extensions.

Fear the Fro

This could get ugly.

"It was this big!!"

He's going to look like Troy polomalu....maybe head and shoulders will sponsor Willis too.
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Originally posted by KowboyKiller:
"It was this big!!"

c'mmon dude, halloween is over...
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