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Why Smith Fell Through the Cracks?

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Troy has all the tools to be a good NFL QB (I am finally in the bandwagon)! Check out these videos and it's like Deja Vu - some of his plays looked like I was watching the London game over again!

If there is one guy that could save Sing's coaching career in SF, it's Troy!
Sing will probably offer one of his daughters to him (to marry) come the end of the season if we make the playoffs, LOL! Because Troy is Sing's final salvation in the NFL!

Dream on dude. You really think sing will save his job. I said this on a previous post. We should have lost to denver. Were you watching the game? 2 touchdowns called back. WE GOT LUCKY. Troy smith is not our savior. We will not win the west and screw kordell stewart. We will not beat both the rams and tampa let alone arizona away(they have been earmarking that game) and then greenbay. Try 2-4 if were lucky. Please though feel free to grasp to anything positive that this team does and think all of a sudden there playoff bound. THe only on who fell through the crack is you. Put the pipe down!!!!!

Shut up.
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Nice videos!
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Smith was amazing in college and got looked over for his height. But if I could point out the best QB the team has had since Steve Young was Jeff Garcia who was not exactly a giant.

Smith potentially has more skills than Garcia by a mile and if he can get the team behind him I will jump on the Troy Smith bandwagon. I really like his confidence against the pass rush, he knows he can exscape slower pass rushers and keeps looking up field. With the weapons he has someone will get open.

Exactly and also, with Troy all recievers are LIVE cos when he escapes the rush it means the play is open and that makes the recieves not quit on any play...It's a good thing...imho
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God...this is JTO all over again...

he's the next Montana.

No he's the next Tank Murdock.
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