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If T. Smith lights the world on fire

Originally posted by susweel:
Lets not get ahead of ourselves.

For the first time I agree with you.

I like Troy but people are getting "back up" fever way too quickly. Let's just worry about the Rams.

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Originally posted by BrianGO:
Originally posted by SnakePlissken:
"I thought the kid [Smith] did a nice job of kind of sticking to the game plan that we had; just kind of going in and not trying to make plays, not trying to do anything outside of the game plan," Singletary said.

We’re going to run the ball and as the game goes we’re going to get a feel for what you can and cannot do and that helps us be able to put you in position to make plays."

The most bizarre thing about that quote, is that we won that game BECAUSE Troy Smith ran around and made plays. Singletary does not consider dodging defenders and throwing jump balls up to your big receivers "making plays"? Was the jump ball to Walker, "within the game plan"?

Why does he SAY these things???

Because he doesn't want to keep our opponents in the dark!!!
he would get arrested.
Singletary has to go, no ifs, and or buts.
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
Originally posted by fly15:
Originally posted by Nattimus:
1 win and were in the playoffs again LMFAO!

hey 49ers Torture

Originally posted by nevadalove9ers2:
I think if Troy Smith wins a bunch of games that would be enough for me to keep coach. Its seems like we have been looking for a qb forever. If by some miracle Troy Smith takes us to the playoffs then thats enough for me.

no no no no no

we can keep troy but dingleberry HAS to go
Originally posted by PlasmaHero:
If Sing takes the team to the playoffs with at least a 9-7 record, the man is not going to get fired. Some of you seem to be unaware or blissfully ignorant of the fact that coaching stability matters when you're looking for prolonged success in an organization. Firing a head coach that took you to the playoffs for the first time in 8 seasons hoping that you can find even greener pastures is a risk no owner or organization is stupid enough to take.

If Sing takes the team to the playoffs it will be because of the crappiest division in football. We may be able to win this division at 8-8, where as some other teams even in the NFC will miss with a better record. He gets out coached even in the games we have won this year. The last three and out with Dixon in just shows the competency of our coaching staff.
Singletary has already jumped the shark here.
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