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Post Game Analysis (vs. Denver Broncos)

Where can i watch past 49ers game on the net??????

Thank you!
Originally posted by 49ERFANb4Uwas:
Does anybody know why the secondary coach had will james covering Brandon Lloyd (one of the best receivers in the game this season) instead of Clements or Spencer?

Aren't we paying clements to be our shut down corner? was he hurt? Has anybody heard why we did this?

for that game tarrell brown was hurt, or he would have been on him. But granted thats another reason that manusky sucks, he coulda put spencer on him.

Originally posted by AZ9er:
Originally posted by unst4bl3:
1. The bye week better fix our offensive calls.
2. MAYS and bowman need some tackling drills
3. the London fans, had cool 49ers flags.
4. Dixon in at the end of the game was retarded.

5. Lawson needs a contract extension.
6. the refs and their bulls**t QB protection calls were pissing me off.

7. If we don't draft 3 corners next year, then we will see this shame s**t on the field again.
8. Manusky needs to be fired now.

But no I agree

btw that was a damn big, and nice stadium
id support the london 49ers, not the L.A 49ers.

That stadium was pretty sweet though, and it looked huge inside and outside.
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Originally posted by verb1der:
Originally posted by cypherninja:
Hello, Everyone. I am a first time poster, but have been a Niner fan all my life.

Like everyone else, I have hated the fact that Manusky uses a prevent at the end of games. Didn't rewatch the game, but I believe he finally dialed up a blitz on our last defensive play of the game that netted an INT by Spencer. Maybe it was a timely call or a time when Manusky finally tried to do something other than prevent, but that's what I want to see more of here on out.

welcome cypherninja! can you bust a freestyle flow!?!

If I hit some purple drank I might be able to flow like Wayne, but pretty sure I'd flop as a QB.
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