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Are you upset that we won?

Are you upset that we won?

Originally posted by blunt_probe:
Yes, because they undoubtedly cursed the Giants with their winning antics.
Originally posted by dobo:
Some haters have voted yes, but don't have the stones to voice their opinions.

And lol @ those of you who didn't bother to read my post -- or maybe weren't able to comprehend it -- and assume that I'm upset that we won.

It seems many read titles and then make assumptions from there.
oh yea, i rather see the niners be 0 6, are seriousssssssssssssssss?
Who the hell voted yes?
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I doubt beating a team like the Raiders is going to keep anyone's job any longer that it would have been had they lost. The coaching was still inept as can be and other than having no turnovers Alex Smith numbers weren't that great.
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So happy we won.

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Originally posted by HaiGuise:
I'm only upset that the Giants lost tonight
not at all..

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lol to be honest? No im never upset we win, but ya i kinda had mixed emotions once i knew we were gonna win. I decided at the end of last week this would be the defining game for me, that if we lost i would officially hope for us to tank the entire season, and if we won we still had a glimmmmmmmmer of hope.

I'm just so sick of other teams drafting marc sanchez, aaron rodgers, matt ryan, joe flacco, sh*t even max hall looking good for the cardinals, and yet again we are gonna play our way into a 6-10, 7-9 season and miss out on drafting a good QB. and have another season of just hopes and dreams sh*t on again and again.

whatever. I still like alex smith, but i know singletary is sh*tting on any chance he had at becoming a QB, even a mediocre.
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fuk this questions...are you fkn serious? wtf is wrong with this question?
nope, it's going to be a good week.

Originally posted by HaiGuise:
I'm only upset that the Giants lost tonight
Originally posted by NinerGold39:
nope, it's going to be a good week.

im happy we won especially against the raiders but i still want alex smith benched
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