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What Michael Crabtree just said

crabtree said alex smith sucks without actually saying alex smith sucks.
If Crabtree is tired of losing in the reg. season. He should think of playing and being healthy in the preseason cause we were 4-0...!
Crabtree has probably been thinking that since training camp. When VD and Crabs had their spat, Sing said "vernon did the right thing, but he did not go about it in the right way." I wouldn't be suprised if he came out and said "man, we are going to struggle this season with Smith at QB", and then Vernon went ape***t on him...

With that said, Crabtree is getting a lot of blame for the INTs this year. Nobody in the organization seems to be pointing fingers at Smith. I am very sure Crabtree checks the media and reads newspapers following the games, so he is well aware of this. While I do not agree with flaming your QB, he is probably just frustrated that most blame is being placed on him.

If I was getting those passes from Smith and being the sole blame for interceptions, I would be a little perturbed too...
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I'm glad that Crabs has spoken out. At this point, I'm sure that Alexis Smith himself is questioning his own abilities as an NFL QB.
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Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Originally posted by fly15:
Originally posted by boriken_9er:
This sounds like a T.O. least T.O. was humble when he started and can actually make plays.

this is the most ridiculous post ever

~ TO was more humble at the beginning.....CHECK.
~ TO did make more plays than Crabtree.....CHECK.

Well he had to be humble at the beginning. Who was he to question Young? Now he did question Garcia. Smith and Garcia are pretty similar in abilities, but Garcia just seemed more competitive. When you needed a play he gutted it out and made one for you. Smith doesn't seem to have this. It is sad. I had such high hopes for him this year and he is not panning out.

Now with Crabtree. While I agree with what he is saying, a lot of these miscues have included him. So his execution has been as bad as Smith's. You can say: Oh that pass was to high, Oh it was not in stride. Great WRs make plays period. Not every pass to them is perfect but they make plays. I have not seen this from Crabtree.
Ouch. I don't like what Crab said but Alex has been so crappy lately he kind of had it coming. But Crab better be careful what he wishes for, because Carr or Troy Smith might be just as bad.
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Originally posted by jreff22:
And here we go.....

I just got back from the 49ers’ locker room down here in Santa Clara. We spoke to Michael Crabtree, asked how new offensive coordinator Mike Johnson did on Sunday. This is what Crabtree said:

“Mike Johnson did his thing. He did what he was supposed to do. He got everybody the ball. Only thing is, Mike Johnson can’t throw the ball. He can just call plays.”

When Crabtree said that, many reporters exchanged glances. You could take Crabtree’s words one of two ways:

He was making a general statement about coaches not being able to play – players play and must execute. Players say this all the time.

Or Crabtree was saying Johnson called good plays but Alex Smith did not execute well enough. If Crabtree meant No. 2, he was taking a shot at his quarterback.

I honestly don’t know what he meant. I’m just telling you what he said.

Who really care what CRAPtree thinks , less compare him to the rec that went after him in the draft . I think us 49er fans really want to do that ........

How about we compare those receivers QBs to the one we have now? I don't think YOU really wanna do that....
I think people are misunderstanding what he meant, from what I have seen of him, he is a very low profile, he doesn't want attention and don't like to talk to the media...

Alex whether you like it or not is a team captain, Crabtree will be pretty stupid if he is willingly throwing Alex under the bus and if he is, well Vernon, Pat and all the other capitans will have to shut him up and make him pay...

I play football, of course its no the nfl o no way near that but you still got ask question and you can't question your captains or your teammates actions on the football field without earning the respect and the poop to do that... at this point Crabtree hasn't done s**t so I don't think he is that stupid and meant it the way you guys are making it to be...
Originally posted by fly15:
Alex going to the bench soon....

i could see it very soon if we go 0-6
desperate times call for desperate measures. I don't see how anyone can read that any other way than a direct shot at Smith.

I'd like to know where are the plays where Alex throws to a WR in stride across the field. Are we just not calling those plays or is Alex scared to throw the ball? I think its the latter hence all the damn check downs.

I've given up on alex. I supported him through it all too. he is a good kid but the reality is he isn't a good NFL QB.
I hate to say this but I almost hope we lose (I won't on Sunday, I swear) against the Eagles because it will be time to change QBs. IT HAS TO BE. Give someone else a chance. I was a huge Alex supporter - I admit it -- but it is done. It's over, man! It's over! What can it hurt? Okay, yes, maybe they are worse but god dam Alex is not good enough to make a difference so. I'm almost at the point where I truly want to see Troy Smith given an opportunity. Maybe even... *gulp* Nate Davis.
same. I say i want this team to suck, just to get rid of singletary and smith, but there I am, week in, week out, cheering my ass off the couch for this team. I feel like Rhianna right after she got beat up by chris brown.
Originally posted by SybErkRimInAL:
same. I say i want this team to suck, just to get rid of singletary and smith, but there I am, week in, week out, cheering my ass off the couch for this team. I feel like Rhianna right after she got beat up by chris brown.

It's a sad day in ninerland. I think I'm even more frustrated then when we flat out blew cock. WE CAN WIN GAMES! We just lack in the two most important plalces: HC and QB!! AHHHHH
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We made the stupid decision to go with Carr as our #2 qb. Now were in the position where we has no choice but to play Alex because Carr WILL NOT be an upgrade.
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