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What do we have to look forward to now

1st pick in the 2011 NFL draft.
Originally posted by kstolai:
1st pick in the 2011 NFL draft.
Unless Sing and Raye (and maybe Greg "I don't know how to stop the screen pass" Manusky) are fired the only thing we can look forward to is watching the worst team in football. Just like Nolan, I believe Sing has lost the locker room.
Originally posted by kstolai:
1st pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

Originally posted by kstolai:
1st pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

Originally posted by blunt_probe:
Hoping that Andrew Luck declares, and that Jed has the sense to hire an offense oriented coach.

I really am serious. I can't see anyway this coaching staff will be able to turn this around. Saying motivational words, or firing up each other will not get it done.

Co-signed. I feel like we're playing a style of football that you'd see in the 70s.
Did you guys see in the second half , our players gave up , they did not want to play anymore & Dinglerbary kept calling timeout i hope Morgan is not hurt badly for the last stupied TD useless, the only guys was playing his heart out god bless him Willis . Gore tried but needs help .

Denglerbary needs to go with Ray and Alex experment should come to the end.
In the past, both our coaches and the players were sub par. Now, we have a good set of players, and if coached correctly, have the ability to mature into great least some of them.

Unfortunately, our coaching staff so far, seems to be holding our players back.

We can look forward to two things: some decent coaching and probably winning our first game. Maybe we beat the Raiders? At this point, nothing is certain.
Originally posted by D_Niner:
Originally posted by kstolai:
1st pick in the 2011 NFL draft.

The thing that's really sad is it's a lockout year and a lot of the top prospects may not turn pro because of the uncertainty. So just like 2005 was weak we screwed ourselves again...
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Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
we have the talent we need a new platcaller now we have to let smith air it out and we need some protecction up from im onna get bashed for this but smith didnt have a awful game i would give him a D as a grade but playcalling and coaching was just horrible just like the seahawks game

I agree with you..>Smith wasn't bad....the plays they called in certain situations were just bad. Maybe Smith should have audibiled but we'll never know.

1st lost that I agree with and I blame it all on play calling. Sweet Jesus Raye stunk it the hell up. Smith,the OL, Gore had no chance this game. All very predictable letting the Chiefs D to just maul our OL since they knew just what we are gonna do. Every run is up the f**king gut and its always run run followed by a short pass. Raye set us up for failure with his game plan and lack of adjustments.

Atlanta, then 0-4
13 extra Sundays to spend all day with the family.....
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Originally posted by global_nomad:

Broncos @ London


Absolutely nothing.

Jed York won't fire Singletary, Jimmy Raye will never be fired.
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