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Post Game Analysis (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

DAMN im so pist off and alex sucks all these drop off passes look down the field then atlanta next week how we gonna get smached 2out of the 3 weeks f..k
My problem with this is when we hired Singletary is we knew he lacked in the X's and O's. Fine... but he needed to go out and get a great OC to help make up for that. He didn't.... He was suppose to be a motivational guy meaning he could get his team amped to play every week. It seems like we only come to play at home and mainly MNF. Lastly, I expected a well disciplined team which we are not anymore.
My Post Game Analysis is Fire Sing and Raye and hire Chucky!!!!! 2 birds with one stone, our new HC and OC.
Raye must be fired, let Johnson call the plays. Screw running the ball to set up the pass. Pass the ball and run it in the spread formation.
As thorough of an a$$ whooping as I've ever seen! Outplayed and coached in every facet of the game. This team was not mentally prepared and ready to play is a gross understatement. As I have said for two years now, this is not 1985 and Gore is not Walter Payton! Sing and Raye are absolutely horrible at game day performance and preparation! And Alex is not even mediocre at best. He can't trhrow the short balls or screens with any accuracy, too high or behind his receiver and that is why there is YAC! Amazing at how a season can be in peril in the 3rd week, but unfortunately, it's true, as the stat on TV showed at the end of the game, only 3% of teams starting 0-3 have ever made the playoffs. WOW! Who would of thought that we would be among those teams? Unbelievable, just unbelievable! Pray for a Gruden a Bill Walsh disciple!
Unfortunately Dr. York does not Walsh or Eddie D connections feeling he can be as successful as they where? As we all know, HE can't!
You guys bashing A.Davis are completely out of line. The guy has played average so far, but gave up when the whole team gave up. He let emotions get the better of him, but to call him a bust already? That is just ridiculous...

Fortunately, Cowher says he wants to coach in "the right situation." Let's hope the Niners in 2011 will be the right situation. I am not quite calling for Sing's head yet, but he has to be held accountable at some point. He has to start holding everyone accountable, including himself... "Don't tell me, show me" is going to bury his career as a HC...
Originally posted by Jersey9er:
Give me a coach that puts all of our players in a position to be successful week in and week out, and i'll be happy with that.

Give me this, and then if Alex and company fail im all for it, but until then.

I'll continue to say Go niners, 0-3 or not. I just love my team.

You sound like a battered wife or something. "just wait till Jimmy gets off the sauce, then you'll all see how much of a good guy he is! he only beats me when I deserve it! it's not his fault he ran out of the 24 pack of beers I bought him this morning! He's really not a bad guy, you'll all see".

This team f**king sucks. Singletary's a cancer. Raye is like a double cancer. Smith is mediocre. Manusky and our defense is hideously overrated. We just let Matt freaking Cassel pass for 3 TDs and put up a QB rating of 111 on us. Our secondary is slow as f**k and our coaches wont bench Mike Lewis. We have no pass rusher. Our DC either blitzes every play or runs a prevent defense. Our OLine is trash. This team is a bunch of losers and they need to GTFO, and start with Singletrash.
KC Was Playing (Unaccountably) DIRTY All Day TODAY! Besides our disgusting play (and I'm not making this post because I'm a sore loser; I know we sucked) but the officiating was even more criminal!

Joe Staley was getting slugged in the kidney by a Chiefs DEs (more than once), another DE was kicking Frank Gore on ground (which prompted Anthony Davis to slug that chump in the face on the 15yd penalty).

And I don't even wanna get into the 'holding' non-calls that went on the entire f**king game on KC's offensive line.

This was disgusting, and amidst all the chaos of the crowd-noise lots of stuff should have been accounted for. This game really needs to be reviewed by the NFL, some officials need to be scolded for the crap that went on today!
well hopefully raiders win today even though i hate them and the chargers win as well then we only be 1 game out even going 0-3
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Somebody needs to get fired ASAP.


and singletary.... and let taylor mays play SS pls

firing a HC midseason is always bad you have to change everything thats never good

fire OC now
fire HC after season

seriously raye is holding u s back no doubt about it

Go ahead and throw Smith in there too because we do not have 2 + years for him to learn a new offense and still be mediocre....

Originally posted by thojess:
Sine you won't let me say it my own f**king thread, I'll put my f**king analysis in here.

I have had it with this football team. I’m embarrassed, again, to be a fan of this worthless collection of football players and coaches. I became a fan of this team damn near 25 years ago as a child. I have followed this team with baited breath week after week ever since.

The 49ers used to combine intelligence, fortitude and great coaching to achieve the kind of results that any fan would envy. Not any more. I am sick of being watching a team that consistently gets out coached at every level. I am sick of watching a bunch of over-paid, unimaginative cave men consistently prove that they are more stupid than the other teams in the league. Faith based, tough guy bulls**t is all Singletary brings to this table. He doesn’t do anything XOXOX related. His coaching staff is consistently unprepared for the opposition. His ra ra speeches are f**king worthless, and “ask madden” would probably come up with better gameplans. FIRE HIM NOW!

Up until now, I’ve supported Alex Smith like I was his family member or something. BUT NO MORE. I have never seen him get in any bodies face… EVER. The playcalling is so disgusting, yet I don’t see Alex b***hing at anybody on the sidelines. Crabtree should have had his DIVA b***h ass chewed out today for causing another INT but do you see Alex letting him know? f**k no. Alex typically looks like “oh well that didn’t work… whats new.’ He has no fire. No guts. He is a wet f**king noodle and not a leader of men.

I am done with this football team. I’m not wasting another afternoon watching this worthless group of pea-brained pussssssies. Not at least until this entire coaching staff is out on their asses.

Good. Don't come back when the team starts winning in the future. The team sucks right now, but this will weed out the hardcore fans from the wannabes.

Here's hoping every other team in the NFC West loses. 5-11 playoffs baby, 49ers here we go!
Several people have blamed ownership for this mess, however this is 100% coaching. This team gets out coached every single game. Even wins the team is out coached. Ownership signs the pay cheques, the team has gotten out of cap hell and built a roster that virtually everyone agrees is extremely talented. This team needs football coaches. Manusky is fine, however Singletary and Raye are dinosaurs that the game has passed by. This team needs an offensive coach to maintain offensive continuity. Ownership and personnel have put the team in a position to succeed yet we continue to under perform our talent level every week. Singletary's only attribute WAS his ability to motivate, but his blind trust of Raye and willingness to hold everyone but himself and Raye accountable has caused a scenario where the players are tuning him out. His only attribute is now no longer an asset. The color guys commented today that Alex was shaking his head at the playcalling and QB coach Johnson was effectively consoling him. Singletary should be forced to fire Raye this week and if he refuses they should both be escorted off the premises. Such a promising season wasted by his nonsense Only 49 weeks until next season
Waugh, it's football, not ballet, we should sack up and play tough.
they got in our heads. Its up to the captains and coaches to point that out to the refs.
Originally posted by GolittaCamper:
Waugh, it's football, not ballet, we should sack up and play tough.
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