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49er Fans In L.A.

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Riverside representing the niner nation!!!
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i live in pasadena, would love to see the game.

I live in La Canada where do you go to see Niner games?

haha nice guys. La Crescenta here!
Foothills whattt

hey georgees plays the games usually, gotta fight for the tv but w.e. haha

I love that place! Was just there on Sunday. Didn't know there were people from 210 (freeway) area on this board.
Does Georgees have Sunday Ticket? If we have enough Niner fans, fighting for the TV wont be problem. (From Pasadena by the way)
I noticed alot of people have the Hawks winning...How does that make sence there best oline player is out the oline coach is out TJ there best WR is out hass is going to running for his life all day! Im down to chill with my Niner homies and watch the game
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I'm in Glendale and LA (Pete) is in N. Hollywood.

Pete is NH? I am in Sylmar.
I live in long beach.... there's a bar called gallaghers irish pub in long beach that shows all the 49ers games
Hey LA.... I'm in the Van Nuys area (heart of the Valley), if any of you guys are in search of a place around here, check out Weber's Place on the corner of Vanowen and Tampa. I was there for about three games last year-- always had a nice section of die-hard 9er fans with me. Good food and nice selection of brew on tap.
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Originally posted by phatbutskinny:
im in orange county
NOHO. North Hollywood baby!

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From the Bay but live in LA (westwood). If you guys dont know there is a SF 49ers bar called, San Francisco Saloon, that a lot of us go to on Sundays. The crowd is 98% 49er fans and the other 2% = other fans (not rivals). Good crowd.

I say lets start getting together. Why? The best SF 49ers bar I've been to is a place in NYC called, Finnertys. A LOT of bay area transplants. We need to represent our 49ers in LA!

where at exactly? i moved to long beach but would be down to meet some friends in LA for a niner game

i'm from long beach
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NOHO. North Hollywood baby!

Strong Safety North Hollywood High?
Originally posted by darkknight49:
i live in pasadena, would love to see the game.

Sierra Madre here!
I'm in Carson...and all my homies are niner fans!! About 20 deep...were all going to roll to the saloon this year! And we are going to bring about 10 niner chicks...that are more down than a lot of them TRAIDER TRAMPS!
I'm stuck working this weekend. Enjoy the game folks!
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