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OLB -- Lawson, Haralson, Adelius Thomas?

The OLB play seems to be a committee affair this year. Haralson and Lawson as the starters, with Brooks and LaBoy likely to rotate in on passing downs.

LAWSON -- There are a few posters complaining about Lawson - and yes he hasn't turned into a sack machine, so there is some minor disappointment. But Lawson is maturing into an very good all around OLB. He sets the edge VERY well against the run now, able to play off the block whether the runner goes inside or outside. He diagnoses runs very quickly now and is a sure tackler. He has the range to play coverage, and you don't often see QBs throw into his coverage area. Finally, he does have some pass rush ability -- not great, but solid. So I think he is a solid starter.

HARALSON - I used to think the world of Haralson, but he seems to have peaked mid last year. Opposing linemen now see to have solved his pass rush technique and he is a liability in coverage. He is also not very good against the run, when he sets the edge he is one dimensional, only able to play inside or outside - unlike Lawson. I think Brooks was on track to take the starter role, but injuries have set him back. Maybe by mid season it will happen now.

BROOKS - shows a ton of potential as a pass rusher, okay against the run, haven't seen much of him in coverage. So we just don't know if he is a minor or major upgrade over Haralson yet.

LABOY - Clearly has a knack for rushing the QB. Very good instincts/anticipation on how to get to where the QB will be and can get there at full speed. (Our other pass rushers seem to hesitate on their way to the QB and at first contact. Brooks and LaBoy seem to have the ability to go full speed to the QB). But he may be a "one trick pony" that starts to lose effectiveness as OL get him figured out. At least there seems to be a lot of promise there.

ADELIUS THOMAS -- What happened to this guy? When he went from the Ravens to the Patriots he was considered to be one of the most gifted athletes in the league. Why is he unsigned? Would he be a help to us? It doesn't seem the 49ers have any interest in him at all.
what happened is he sucks
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Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
what happened is he sucks

No way he sucks, or Nolan would have signed him
Thomas got his payday and became a fat cat. Glad we weren't able to sign him at the time. Blessing in disguise.
Originally posted by tn9er:
Originally posted by Frisco69ers:
what happened is he sucks

No way he sucks, or Nolan would have signed him

we did try to sign him.. offered him more $$$ i think
he got old fast
We try'd to sign him, they offered him a larger contract then NE did, F**K Him
he got old
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I like Laboy...he shows speed and relentlessness! I'd rather start him over Manny because Manny has yet to show anything.
Look fellas, if Adailus Thomas couldn't play for Belichik what makes you think he'll be better here?

I say he's damaged goods. We have OLBs on the roster right now who are better than him at this point.

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Thomas has nothing left in the tank, he'll just be taking precious playing time from our young guys.
we're way to deep at LB to take a chance on thomas. the jets can have him.
Nah ..Lets see what Brooks, Briggs and Laboy can do, were ok at OLB for now
Thomas is going to play for Ryan again, and sign with the Jets.
I don't fully agree with your player assessment but as far as AD now, he's lost a step and probably wouldn't be used correctly here anyhow (see TBC).
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