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player you like but may not make roster?

Jason Hill. Poor dude just looks like the odd man out. Kyle Williams takes his place due to his return ability.
Originally posted by chico49erfan:
Jason Hill. Poor dude just looks like the odd man out. Kyle Williams takes his place due to his return ability.

This was a prophetic post, since Hill is now on the injury list with a groin, and I don't think he was when this was posted.
As much as I like Hill, he really has not lkived up to expectations; he has 4.3 speed, but it doesn't translate to the field; has not been able to supplant an underachieving Morgan; has a history of niggling injuries; has now lost ground to Ziggy. I fear its' bye-bye Hill.
Travis LaBoy - I hope we keep 5 OLBs because as I keep saying he's had 3.5-6.0 sacks every year of his career and we could certainly use them. He looked great against the Vikings.

Bruce Davis - The Steelers cut him but they have 2 of the best 3-4 OLBs in the game and also drafted two OLBs early. He has looked good but he has not shot with Lawson, Haralson, Briggs, Brooks and possibly LaBoy.

Jason Hill - I guess the guy needs a change of scenery. He has looked good when give a chance but he never gets one so...

Will Tukuafu - Has a great motor and does a great job on screens. He recognizes them and releases from his block and sprints to the running back. He's gotten into the backfield quite a bit in his little amount of action.

Phillip Adams - I hope this guy makes the team. He showed his quick hips while breaking up 3 passes. He was in a a few other tackles against the Vikings and had one tackle for loss where he flew up to the FB in the flats and cut him down.

Mike Balogun - Looks like a decent player but not much room with Willis, Spikes, Bowman, Wilhelm and possibly McKillop. The guy could be a practice squad player but he's 26 already. I believe he played semi pro ball so he could be 27-28 before he sees the field (as a roster player) so not sure he is worth keeping around on more than the PS at best.
i think Jason Hill is gonna get cut even tho i think he wasnt given a chance to succeed here. that and injuries lead to us cutting this dude i think.
I never understood what people saw in Jason Hill. Yes he's built better and stronger than Ziegler, cannot stay healthy and apparently can't beat out people that were drafted (or undrafted) way behind him.

He makes 1 or 2 catches a year. I'm sorry, but I'd rather have a guy that makes first downs and moves the ball down the field.

As someone said, his 4.3 speed doesn't translate to the field. Why don't you think he's been given opportunities. One would think our coaches know a little more than we do.

Maybe Favre can make him a star since they seem to be signing every has been receiver out there.

It's time to cut him loose. I'd rather keep 5 WRs and 3 TEs. That way we have Crabtree, Morgan (who better pick it up), Ginn, Williams and Ziegler and also keep the rookie TE who seems to be a good blocker and relief valve. You can always stick Walker in as a Wr since he has some speed.

So long Jason and good luck wherever you end up.
I think Jason Hill is going to get cut.

I think M-Rob may be gone also. Westbrook and the emergence of Dixon doesn't bode well for him. Robinson has been having a terrible preseason. He's been hanging around because he's reliable in pass protection (Coffee struggled there), he's well respected and his ST abilities. Unfortunately, he's not making plays on STs anymore and Westbrook excels in the passing game. He doesn't add anything to the team anymore, IMO.

Bruce Davis is a long shot to make the team, but I really liked him coming out of college. He's raw as a LB, but he's got some serious pass rushing skills. He's just a natural pass rusher. He showed a glimpse of it against the Colts (6 tackles, 1 sack). For some reason, we've yet to draft a pure pass rusher. We go for the guys that appear to be able to convert to LB quickly, but it seems like we ignore the pass rushing aspect of it. We end up with guys like Haralson or Lawson and complain about the lack of an outside rusher. Davis could develop into a nice situational pass rusher for us.
Jason Hill, Britt Miller, and Alex Boone.

Mostly Hill though because if he gets cut I can see him going somewhere else and having a hell of a career. If he gets cut in favor of someone that never amounts to anything here, I'll be pissed. Only time will tell I guess...
Originally posted by global_nomad:
I always thought Jason Hill made the most of his play during games. The problem is he can't stay healthy enough to practice, and if you don't practice you don't see the game.

Now a groin injury ????????? ------

I gave up on Hill this Camp ------ I'm pulling for Ziggy now.
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Originally posted by chico49erfan:
Jason Hill. Poor dude just looks like the odd man out. Kyle Williams takes his place due to his return ability.

WORD. I read on one of the blogs that he got hurt AGAIN today. If it keeps him out even a little bit, he could be done. Wonder if Chicago has his number?
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
Jason Hill
Phillip Adams - I don't think he is a guarantee to make it but he should.

I'll bet you he does ------
Vinny Sutherland....................

.............nah for reals, I like Phillip Adams.
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Diyral Briggs
Alex Boone
Dominque Ziegler
Bruce Davis
Phillip Adams
Travis LaBoy
Khalif Mitchell

It's nice to be excited about so many of the younger guys and feel we have enough depth that some of them might not make it!
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