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49ers Defense Highlight Video

Hi, im new here to the webzsone, i made this video. enjoy.
Im making more videos.. Any suggestions for new ones?
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I enjoyed this very much. You could also throw in the sacks on Peyton Manning as well.
I really want to humiliate the saints and eagles like that on prime time
Awesome work. Thanks for sharing
Justin Smiths Bull Rush
Originally posted by teeohh:
I really want to humiliate the saints and eagles like that on prime time

This, I would love for us to smack down the saints on MNF.

Hell.. I would even like for us to beat the eagles, just as bad as they haev beat us the past 3 seasons.
That looked great! Best of all, didn't have to watch the offense do NOTHING with the ball after all that great field position.
What a defense-- they should be even better, if the offense can keep movin' the chains.
great video, and song, im pumped up now. I love our Defense and the way they attack the ball carrier and get those strips, fumbles, and INTs.
I love our D! Its our O i'm uncertain about.

Great work man,looking forward to the next. Hope Nate shows up like that this year.
suggestion: Few highlights from every game if possible. Everyone who plays the rams gets tons of highlights.
@3:45... Brooks off the edge... wow
we better resign lawson..
Originally posted by zozell:
@3:45... Brooks off the edge... wow

it was like he had a AMCE rocket on his back. Our D line should be called Murder Row this year
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