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Now that we locked up Willis, whos next?

Originally posted by CorvaNinerFan:
I think it has to be Vernon...and it will happen. He wants to play for Singletary and also knows the offense is primed to step up...and he should be a big part of that.

I hope that he wants to play for Singletary more than playing with his brother in say Miami. The Niners having a great season would help.

I'd like to see him signed soon.

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We definitely need Vernon signed. We better not lose him!!!
VD then Dashon.
I say Goldson because if he has another good year or a better year than last his cost will go way up. I would like to see Goldson then Franklin for a couple of more years than try VD. They can always franchise VD is necessary.

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im happy we signed willis but i wish we would have gave him a 10 year extension
I think Vernon Davis is gonna be hard to sign, when we drafted him we made him the Highest paid TE in the game at the time, since then the price has gone up.

I hope we get guys re-signed like Davis, Goldson and depending on how he plays Alex Smith
Brian Jennings & VD.
Has to be Vernon. Then Aubrayo Franklin. Then Goldson. that order.
Vernon for sure
Lock up Baalke b***hes!!!!

I hope it's Vernon. Franklin would be nice too.
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Vernon, Lawson, and Goldson will be RFAs next year if there is no salary cap in 2011. This is why, I doubt we re-sign Lawson this off-season. He has to prove if he is a good fit in this defense.

I think Niners should sign Vernon to a long term extension, makin' him the highest paid TE and wait on Goldson and Lawson till the off-season.

Franklin is the key. Signing him to a 3 year contract extension will make a lot of sense.
these are the core players we need to keep around

Patrick Willis - check
Franklin - check
Vernon Davis -
Shawnte Spencer -

then Deshon Goldson
and other players...

players I'm big fans of but we shouldn't over pay for - Frank Gore, Manny Lawson, Nate Clements

but I would prefer that we still have Clements around......and I like Manny.
Originally posted by HaiGuise:
Lock up Baalke b***hes!!!!

Yeah this guy seems like a badass GM who gets s**t done.
VD! and just because his contract is up after this year doesn't mean they haven't been working on this for a while already. believe it or not they have surely been talking with his agent already. seems to me some people assume that they work on one contract at a time. like now we got that done...whats next.
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