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PYMWYMI, Year 5.... (2010-2011)

I'm waiting until the last minute. I can't let myself get caught up in the First Round Afterglow.
13-3, book it.

Don't get me wrong. We took a great step in right direction yesterday. But offensive line or no offensive line -- the defensive strategy that teams employed last year against us will continue.

Defenses will continue to stack eight men in the box to stop Frank Gore and dare Alex Smith to beat them with his arm.

As he has demonstrated so many times during his career -- Alex cannot do this on a consistent basis. He will have more time to throw this year thanks to the upgrade on the line -- which will give him five seconds to throw to the wrong colored jersey instead of just 2.5. I guess you can consider that an *upgrade.*

Look for a few starts out of a rookie QB (if we pick one today) or Nate Davis in late December after we've fallen out of the NFC race.

Yeah, I know, BOO BILL BIRD! I hate it too. But nothing has changed behind center. It continues to be one of our major weaknesses.
Third times the charm... 10-6, win the division
15-1, we'll lose the 2nd to last game against the rams due to sitting our starters.... but we'll smash the cards like usual
9-7. I see a one game improvement, every year we have a mid-season slide that we can't seem to shake, I think we take one game off of it this year, but still struggle on the road.
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Originally posted by kidash:
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Isn't this a little early? We usually wait until the draft is over, don't we? I'm gonna wait to post my decision.

No one said you had to post now... *lol* I, too, will wait till it's over...

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