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PYMWYMI, Year 5.... (2010-2011)

dont wanna set myself up for a huge disappointment but f**k it. 11-5 and we make a huge run and shock the world by at least making it to the nfc championship gm. what ever happens from there happens
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Well I thought 9-7 last year and we ended up 8-8. So I'll go ahead and say 11-5 this year.

I have that feeling I had back before the 2001 season when we went from 6-10 to 12-4. Yeah 8-8 to 11-5 isn't that dramatic, but for a team with a much better D and more promise I feel a ot better about next season and the future.
My gut says 10-6. It assumes a generally healthy team for the duration of the season.
Start out season at home with loss to saints, then win remainder at home.
On road, lose ATL, Panthers, SD, AZ, SEA,GB
Season 9-7

This whole thing revolves guessed it, poti and AD. IF they come around quickly, then 10-6. If they are lost for first 4 games, then we lose another 1 or 2. But final guess is 10-6, with a lot more chance for better than that than there is for worse than that. Our 4 best additions were solari, bigRay, poti, AD...and that means dreamtime for us OL fans. No line, no winnee. Good OL, great football, win or lose.
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Niners go 11-5. I get to 10 posts.
PUT my name for 9-7!!!!!!!
12-4. Yes, Im serious.
10-6 wining the west

11-5 win division 3rd seed and lose in the nfc championship

Questionable picks of mine:
Panthers and Cardinals there, losses
Broncos here, win

Singletary will have the Niners up for the 1st Seattle game (away). Beating the Eagles in game 5 should mean the team won't have a losing record at any time this season. After the first five, the next bottleneck might be Cardinals away through Packer away, Seattle home, Chargers away, games 11-14.
9 and 7. If somehow they can win 10 or more games I would be shocked.

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