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One thing David Carr is already better than Alex at

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I haven't seen him do this yet!


Yea, i think that alex is doin good job. alex wanted to supports for the 49ers's team for real. Let's go Alex!
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Short List

Throwing Picks
Taking Sacks

Thats all that comes to mind, but I'm sure if he sees playing time the list will grow!

I have been hoping for a young QB early to middle of draft, but I guess that won;t happen now!

So Carr is also better at shattering my hopes for the future of this team!

Surely we weren't going to carry a second youngster developing at qb? Carr is only a replacement for Hill, so your hopes for the future of the team should remain intact!

Davis has a year in the system, and has shown SOME ability, he would make a fine #2. That would be a natural progression in his training, a "youngster" would be third string. The #2 QB gets more reps in practice, Davis won't develop if he is a #3.
Next season the "youngster" would be battling for the #2 spot, Davis could be in line to really push Alex.

I think teams should only settle for "serviceable" back ups when they have a star player in the starting spot.
Teams that are rebuilding, need to use the entire depth chart to build talent, serviceable veterans eat up valuable roster depth and hold back development.
Carr or Hill it doesn't matter neither of them have a long term future in the NFL, too damn old.
Bang on.. It don't matter who we have under center if he is gonna be on his backside wondering what the hell just happened because the OL cant keep him from gettin KILLED!
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