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McNabb is one hit away from IR. In the last 5 seasons he's missed 17 games. He's old. If he was a pure pocket passer it wouldn't be a big deal but he tends to scramble and move around to create more time. How long do you guys really expect him to last?
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Pass on McChoke!!

7 years no playoffs, I would take a playoff choker in a New York minute right now.

I know u hate Smith, But seriously u think Mcnabb would come in and learn a complete different system and just automatically take us deep into the playoffs?

He cant win it all with the eagles, what makes u think he can even close with the niners?

He has been on some of the best talented/ most explosive teams in the past decade, not to mention in one system his entire career.


Call me crazy, but I'd rather have our QB getting a chance to choke in the playoffs rather than in week 15 of yet another 7-9 season.

I don't think Smith was the main factor in us going 7-9.

I would put other things ahead of it: offensive system changes at the beginning and middle of the season, lots of personnel changes on offense and an undertalented oline.

Those were big problems. The lesser problems were: defensive inconsistency, lack of head coaching strategic ability and Smith's QB performance.

As for Smith vs McNabb, Smith has the opposite problem that McNabb does, he is comfortable in comeback and end of game situations, but he gets jumpy in non-pressure situations (1st quarters and games against bad teams).

I simply don't think McNabb is the missing piece of the 49ers puzzle.
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