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49ers need a legit backup RB

Coffee's impressive runs disappeared as soon as the games started counting. Maybe he's being coached to run north/south, no fancy stuff, but he seems to seek the pile instead of the daylight.

As I recall it, Coffee came in as a rookie promising to seek out contact and punish tacklers. He said it would be easy on this level, just like in college.

But I think he's found out that a high running RB trying to challenge NFL linebackers is looking for big trouble. The 49ers O line isn't the huge Alabama O line, and the tacklers aren't college players, they're assassins hunting heads.

Maybe too early to give up on him, but DEFINITELY time to draft some competition in April. Say 3rd round, where the Jets found Shonn Greene.
It seems too obvious to pick Spiller if he's there. So they probably won't. Then next season everyone can grumble again about our weak returns.
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Yes guys we get it, you love CJ Spiller. Take your man love for him to the 18 page thread in the draft war room for him
Originally posted by KRS-1:
Yes guys we get it, you love CJ Spiller. Take your man love for him to the 18 page thread in the draft war room for him

I'm starting to get on the Spiller bandwagon too,he can return punts as well as catch the ball out of the backfiled,not to mention his running ability..I say we grab him at 16 and best OT at 13.
I like Coffee because he's from Alabama. Although I don't think he has the speed.
And I hope people realize the difference between a backup RB, and a 1b RB

If you are thinking ahead about Gore declining early(which I worry about that too), than that means you are suggesting we find a 1b RB.

But if the OP, is just talking about a decent backup, Coffee may be that guy.
Originally posted by confusedrhino:
2009 Season Stats

Gore 229carries 1120 yards 4.9avg Long:80yd td
Coffee 83carries 226 yards 2.7avg Long:17yd
Robinson 2carries 3 yards .7avg Long: 4yd

Almost half the ypc. With the SAME offensive line.

Gore is our most valuable offensive player. If he goes down with an injury, which gets more likely with each passing year, the season is OVER. Nobody will respect the run.

Forget KR/PR. The 49ers NEED a talented backup RB to split carries with Gore to keep him fresh. The return duties just happen to fill a huge need as well, that might net some nice extra yards each game.

Here's hoping the 49ers pick up a solid free agent, which isn't likely, or a nice draft pick like CJSpiller.

I want "Spiller the Thriller". This guy is a playmaker with break away speed; the kind of back we don't currently have. He will also dramatically change our field position to start offensive drives as a KR/PR. He's an excellent receiver, so he can catch out of the backfield or in the slot. Also a nice change of pace runner from scrimmage. He can be our Percy Harvin, and Harvin was offensive rookie of the year. I can't think of another player in the draft that can make a greater overall impact in his rookie year for a team like ours that needs more offensive and special teams production.
We don't need a legit backup RB, we need a legit OL.
Originally posted by montereyjack415:
CJ Spiller

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Jahvid best out of cal ... Hurt by injuries which should drop him out of the first round ... If he is available I take him with the 2nd round pick ... Can instantly be an upgrade at both kr and pr and backup to Gore ...
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Kory Sheets.

Sheets > Spiller

Redrathman, some posters write out their messages. A few, like you, try to communicate with images. Could you explain what mesage you were trying to communicate with your image of a dancing minstrel?
We need to do what ever it takes to get spiller, the field position & big plays will put this team over the top. If we are lucky enough for him to fall to 13 we MUST take him, he'll be gone the next time were on the clock.
But personally I think the raiders even with all they're needs might snatch him up, everyone knows Al Davis loves speed.
Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
I agree with you 100%. I think Frank Gore is almost on borrwed time now and the fact is most successful NFL teams have 2 good RB's and I don't think very much of Glenn Coffee.

Let's draft one then. I'm for getting someone in the 3rd or later rounds.
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