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f**k the wildcat taser

why do people think because a guy gets called up from the PS, that he is the f**king secret weapon that we are gonna unleash on the opposing team

Talyor was a Special Teamer he is now hurt so Brit Miller was brought up to take his spot on Special Teams, nothing more nothing less

f**kin s**t balls whore c**t f**k

Yeah the Niners finally go to the spread and now lets f**k that up by having brit f**king miller run the wildcat, unbelievable

Did I say anything about running the taser with him? I simply said he might be used on offense, the videos are of him in that formation.

Then whats with the title?

"Brit Miller taser/wildcat"

Anyways....HE"S A FULLBACK/LB! I dont see the connection.

If you don't see the connection with the title and the video, I'm afraid you need some help. Anyways way to go on being a jerk for no apparent reason. The webzone is full of clowns, and fools need to grow up.

Ok, you titile the thread "Brit Miller taser/wildcat" then deny saying anything about using the Taser with him? And the video you post of how he could be used shows him behind center taking the snaps and running a wildcat-like formation.

Not to mention you are using a high school tape as how he could be used in the NFL.... cmon man, he's a special teamer, nothing more.